How to Run Stranger Things in The Whispering Road

Posted by on November 8, 2017

With the Kickstarter for Kids on Bikes combined with talk of the Dark Places & Demogorgons RPG, I thought I’d write a post about using The Whispering Road to run a Stranger Things game.

The Whispering Road is actually ideal for this.

You’ll want to decide whether you’re just playing the kids or whether you’re playing any of the adults, and whether you’re playing an analogue of Eleven or not. The adults and Eleven could totally work as allies. If a player wants to play Eleven, she’d definitely be a Chosen One. If a player wants to play an adult, he/she will almost certainly be a Mentor. The kids will probably be a mix of Ordinary Heroes and Rascals.

Here are three new Traits that would apply well to these kids:

Danger Sense (mental) — In unfamiliar situations, you often feel danger before others can, and you know what to do when that happens.

Natural Leader (relational) — Others look to you when they’re not sure what to do.

Psychokinesis (physical) — If you concentrate hard, you can move objects (about as big or heavy as you could normally) with your mind.

Act One will involve the introduction of the Eleven analogue, Act Two will introduce the villains, and in Act Three you can bring in adults and other authority figures who can assist the kids temporarily. The rest of it should operate exactly as in The Whispering Road.

Hope this helps!

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