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Get the OSR Handbook in hardback form (contest complete)

And the Old School Renaissance Handbook is now out in hardcover! Head over to Lulu to buy your copy today for only US$19.99 plus S&H. Congratulations to Lord Mohr for winning the giveaway, and thanks to the 87 other people who signed up for the contest. The hardback is the version that includes interviews with Kirin Robinson, James Raggi, Jason … Continue reading »

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The Old School Renaissance Handbook Dead Tree Giveaway

    Update: The contest is now closed. Would you like to own a hardback copy of the Old School Renaissance Handbook? Would you like the only guide to 16 different old-school rulesets in pressed wood pulp form? This is the only version of the OSR Handbook that includes interviews with Kirin Robinson of Old School Hack, … Continue reading »

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