Faction Friday: The Wizard’s Tower

Posted by on February 24, 2017

Adaptation of 'The Making of Harry Potter 29-05-2012' by Karen RoeCoril Hawklight, a high-level wizard, lives in this classic wizard’s tower. He can be run as either friendly to the PCs, in which case he will ask them to recover powerful magical artifacts in return for a useful artifact from his own collection, or as an antagonist who has stolen a powerful artifact and keeps it in the top level of his tower.

The tower sits on a large rock outcropping; visitors must scale the rock and find the single large stone door that serves as entrance. If Coril is in the tower, he knows whenever anyone nears the entrance and will open it for friends; otherwise the PCs must use magic or a DC 20 Strength check to force open the door. Inside, a large spiral stone staircase runs up the inner wall of the tower, providing access to each level.

Level 1: Stables

Stone stalls run around the walls of this level, its cobblestone floor covered with hay. Animated brooms maintain this space, and they care for any mounts that are placed in a stall: brushing them down, feeding them, watering them, etc. If invaders enter, the animated brooms attack with the stats of a baboon, dealing bludgeoning instead of piercing damage (AC 12, HP 3, Speed 30, Climb 30, Init +2, Attack +1, Hit 1 (1d4 – 1)).

Level 2: Laboratory and Museum

This level is divided into two rooms: one is a disorganized magical laboratory of sorts, while the other contains several powerful artifacts.

The laboratory contains three stout wooden tables on which sit bubbling beakers, jars of reagants, scattered notes, and several quills and inkpots.

The museum is a grand, half-moon shape with large windows made of thick glass (DC 15 to break). Inside, three artifacts sit on plinths: a canaith mandolin, a helm of teleportation, and a shield of missile attraction, each one in pristine condition. The walls are lined with the pelts of a nothic, a chuul, a grell, and a beholder.

The first intruder who enters the museum unannounced is targeted by a plane shift spell (save DC 30); on a fail the creature is immediately transported to the Ethereal Plane. The first intruder who enters the lower study unannounced is targeted by an imprisonment spell (save DC 30); on a fail the creature is restrained by chains until the creature states “I swear to leave and never return” (Coril will appear shortly to inform the creature of this fact). In either case, as soon as an intruder enters the museum or lower study (regardless of save) the entire tower is immediately encased in a force field that can only be removed by magic (as in dispel magic, wish, etc.), or at Coril’s desire.

This level is set up partly as a ruse. Coril entertains most visitors in the bottom 3 levels, and for most of them he maintains the fiction that all of his magical study and artifacts are confined here.

Level 3: The Dining Room

One entire level is reserved for a huge dining room, within which sits a polished wooden table large enough to seat 10 people very comfortably. It always has fine silver place settings that magically clean themselves as soon as the room empties of people. Coril creates and dismisses food with the wave of a hand, and he prefers game meats, sweet fruits, sweet breads, and very strong brandies.

If an intruder gets within 5 feet of the table, the silverware animates and attacks with the stats of a swarm of insects with 20 fly instead of 20 climb, one swarm per intruder (AC 12, HP 22, Speed 20, Fly 20, Init +1, Attack +3, Hit 10 (4d4)).

Level 4: Sleeping Quarters

Part of this level is reserved for Coril’s quarters, a cozy room with a huge four-poster bed, two overstuffed chairs next to a roaring fireplace that magically casts heat only in a 10-foot radius (and vents to another dimension), and a small table that usually contains a few history books. Coril likes to read from one of these books before retiring for the night.

The other half of the level contains half a dozen bedrooms about 20 feet wide, each outfitted with a brass bed, two chairs, a small desk, and a wash basin that is always full of fresh water. At the far end of the hall is a large tile bathroom, with toilets that void to another dimension and bathtubs large enough for 4 people at a time.

Level 5: Library

This circular room takes up the entire level, and is ringed with bookcases full of magical tomes. A large table takes up the center of the room, which is surrounded by four comfortable chairs.

The books here cover magic, monsters, and history. Generate some book titles here and here.

If a hostile creature enters the room, 1d4 magical books fly off the shelves and attack with the stats of an imp but with vulnerability to fire (AC 13, HP 10, Speed 20, Fly 40, Init +3, Attack +5, Hit 5 (1d4 + 3)).

Level 6: The Private Sanctum

This mostly empty sanctum contains four objects on plinths: a crystal ball, and an anstruth harp, an ioun stone of absorption, and a rod of alertness. Coril is notified as soon as anyone enters this chamber and will immediately teleport in.

Coril fights with the stats of an archmage.

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