Random Idea: Okada, the Hunted

Posted by on November 20, 2013

This is part of a series of RPG characters, creatures, items, adventure ideas, and locations inspired by random entries from Wikipedia. The material I create may grow distant from its roots.

Today we have Richard Okada, a Princeton professor and expert on Japanese literature and culture. He appeared to live a quiet, academic life.

Let’s dig a little deeper into his situation. He lived in America, but loved Japanese culture, writing a doctoral thesis described as “one of the most important contributions to the study of classical Japanese narrative to have emerged in the last twenty years.” I don’t know if he was born in Japan, but let’s say he was, to add to the drama of a Japanese man living in America, loving it from afar. Let’s make him into an exile, on the run.

Even better, he died “of natural causes” in New Jersey. Suuuuure he did.


Terrible Character Portrait - Cyberpunk 3, by Jeff Preston (CC-BY-3.0)

Terrible Character Portrait – Cyberpunk 3, by Jeff Preston (CC-BY-3.0)

Okada is a well-respected scholar. Loved by his students, respected by his peers, he nevertheless has become more nervous lately. He needs help.

Okada translates ancient literature, and he’s stumbled upon something of great importance. An ancient manuscript points to the location of a lost treasure city, and he’s been visited twice by very large men in business suits.

Okada needs someone to protect him, and if possible, find the city before the bad guys do. There are actually several rival factions looking for the city.

Worse, Okada has an adventurous daughter in her late teens. You must find her before the bad guys do, and keep her safe while searching for the treasure.


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