Random Idea: Fort Chaffee’s Secret Medical Experiments

Posted by on October 2, 2013
Fort Chaffee photo from Wikimedia Commons

I kid about Fort Chaffee, but then I stumble upon this actual photo of it from Wikimedia Commons…

This is part of a series of RPG characters, creatures, items, adventure ideas, and locations inspired by random entries from Wikipedia. The material I create may grow distant from its roots.

Today we have Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center, a National Guard installation. First built as a U.S. Army facility in World War II, it was later a refugee camp and eventually turned back over to the state. Most of its land has been redeveloped or returned to nature.

What do we do with this? It’s a quiet, out of the way place. A perfect place to store things Man Was Not Meant To Know!


Fort Chaffee has been referenced in several paranormal reports and declassified Freedom of Information Act government papers. This “quiet” base in Arkansas is purportedly used to train the National Guard. Do NOT let this fool you!

Originally built by the Army as a tank training camp, its artillery was suddenly MOVED in 1959 to Oklahoma. Why? It can only be that it needed to serve ANOTHER PURPOSE.

The truth lies here: Fort Chaffee was used as a refugee camp SEVERAL TIMES in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Why would the Army send thousands–often tens of thousands–of refugees to the middle of the country for “processing”? Simple: many of them were unwitting subjects of secret government medical experimentation. Yes, they were given “medical screenings.” Those screenings included injections that were carefully TRACKED by the government over the years and decades that followed.

It is my firm belief that Fort Chaffee was a PRIMARY center of experimentation for medical technology recovered from the alien crashes at Roswell and other sites. How many Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Cuban refugees DIED after their “processing” at Fort Chaffee? How many of them may have reported strange effects? None can say.

Now for the real kicker: In 1997, the fort was “turned over” to the state as a National Guard post, its garrison “decommissioned,” and much of its land “rezoned and redeveloped.” 700 buildings: demolished! Now, have you EVER heard of the Army letting go of a base? Much less demolishing its buildings? SOMETHING HAPPENED. Something that had to be DESTROYED.

Now, the land has been replanted and forests grow where secrets were once born and bred in laboratories. What still lurks in the hills of Fort Chaffee? Perhaps YOU will find out!

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