Dungeon Delvers: D&D on one page

Posted by on August 30, 2013

This is the story of a snowball.

Earlier this week, Deeds & Doers appeared on various social networks. It was a simple D&D retroclone packed into one page, complete with art.

Unfortunately, it confused a lot of its readers. The rules were vague and interspersed with odd phrases. So I wrote Dungeon Delvers, an ultra-portable D&D variant that fits on one page. A small snowball.

I told my friends on the GamerAssembly chat room, and they not only gave me lots of great editing advice, they volunteered to write adventures. Later that day, I received 2 fun adventures, one conflict in a small logging town, and the other a battle with a swarm of rats. The snowball grew.

I wanted this game to be easily carried in a pocket, so I created a PocketMod version that you can print and fold into a tiny booklet. And since we live in an increasingly digital world, I exported it in .azw3, .mobi, and .epub for use on all eReaders (including iPads). The snowball grew more.

Last night, I released Dungeon Delvers to my Patreon supporters and posted the adventures to the game’s web page. This was my first Patreon release, and was gratified to see that the site worked beautifully. I immediately got feedback from the wonderful Joe England. The snowball grew.

And now I’ve released Dungeon Delvers on DriveThruRPG. Pay what you want (including free) for the PDF, PocketMod, .azw3, .mobi, and .epub files.

Folks are downloading it and congratulating me. I’ve scheduled an online demo. The snowball’s not exactly an avalanche, but it’s rolling down the mountain. It’s there, and people see it.

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