The Places of Pyre: The Nobles’ District

Posted by on July 10, 2012

This is part of my “Pyre” world.

The Nobles’ District

Common Enemies: Shockers, Oriforged Constructs, Entrapment Orbs, and Doms

This district once housed the nobles who co-ordinated life in Pyre.

They went craziest during Twilight. They mounted elaborate death traps that quickly broke down, and stationed—all told—thousands of Constructs to guard their property. As a result, the Nobles’ District is the most confused wreck of the city, as it contains many well-guarded mansions. However, great wealth can often be found within those mansions.

Near the north end of the Nobles’ District is the Hall of Statecraft. This is a long, low building with a tall center tower that now leans badly to the side. That tower holds a huge array of communications equipment, which an enterprising adventurer may be able to decipher and get working again.

A good example of the sorts of dangers in the Nobles’ District is a lightning hallway: flame jets erupt from spaces in the walls at intervals: on, on, off (but they start at different points in the cycle). At the other end of the hallway, a damaged orb fires blasts of lightning at anything that nears.

The Design of the Houses

Most manor houses were designed more for entertaining than for habitation. As such, most are an “eclectic” jumble of rooms 10 to 20 yards on each side, occasionally connected by long hallways.

The nobles were badly looted during Twilight, so little furniture remains. However, quite a few treasure chests were hidden beneath floors and behind paintings.

There are plenty of traps, though. The nobles loved traps with the following triggers:

  • Pressure plates on the floor
  • Sensors indicating movement
  • Sensors indicating the presence of a living creature

These traps usually cause:

  • Poison darts
  • Jets of fire
  • Clouds of poison

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