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Posted by on July 10, 2012

Indie+ LogoI’m helping to run an online game convention, Indie+. It’s a con run as a set of independently-run games and panels, all organized centrally and run as Google+ Hangouts. It’s running this week.

I volunteered to shepherd the gaming side of things. There are quite a few moving parts, including several different schedules to sync. I figured it’d be no big deal, as we were running this for the first time, so I wouldn’t have too many games to manage.

We have 20 games. Small by most con standards, but a heck of a lot for me to keep track of when it’s my first time and none of it’s automated.

Fortunately, all is going well so far. We’ve got a helpful team running the con, and plenty of interest.

So if you’re interested in RPGs, especially independent ones, head over to the schedule and look for a game or a discussion. Plenty are open for folks to watch. I hope you find something interesting.

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