The Dangers of Pyre: Entrapment Orbs

Posted by on June 28, 2012

This is part of my “Pyre” world.

An Entrapment Orb is a black sphere about half a yard wide, with a thin red line running laterally around its center. These Orbs are made from a strange substance that looks like either brushed metal or highly polished stone.

The orbs wander the ruins of Pyre randomly. When they near anyone that they deem a danger, they unleash bolts of lightning that spread throughout the ground up to 6 yards away. Any living creature standing on the lightning-infused ground takes some damage and is held immobile where they stand. An exceptionally strong individual may be able to muster enough strength to manage a ranged attack while held immobile.

Worse, while the lightning dissipates within seconds, all immobilized creatures remain immobilized until the Orb is destroyed or chooses to move on.

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