The Dangers of Pyre: Chewers

Posted by on June 21, 2012

This is part of my “Pyre” world.

A Chewer is a true horror. It resembles a 4-yard-tall floating iron coffin. Atop it sits a large armored casing, within which a malevolent red pupil glows in the midst of utter blackness.

When a chewer gets near a creature, the chewer’s torso springs open to reveal an inner chamber full of spikes and blades, some of them spinning and moving. Two chains, terminated with hooks, fly out of the chamber and embed themselves in its target. The chains then drag the (usually screaming) target into its chamber, which closes. Shortly thereafter, a torrent of blood and meat pours out of a hole at the bottom of the chewer.

A chewer cannot attack while any creature is inside it.

Chewers are highly vulnerable to a ranged attack that hits the chewer’s eye, and are very vulnerable during the moments in which their inner chamber is open.

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