How Not to Release Something Horrible from the Never Never (A Primer for New Players of The Dresden Files)

Posted by on November 4, 2011
'Dresden' by bulle_de on Flickr

'Dresden' by bulle_de on Flickr

A few quick pointers on approaching a game of Evil Hat‘s Dresden Files RPG:

  • The major themes of the Dresden Files include investigation and magic (including the Occult). Good backstories include one or both of these.
  • Pick Aspects that relate to either your character’s inner struggles, or other people (particularly other players and known antagonists).
  • Once your group has chosen its City, learn 3 really interesting things about it. Keep those in the back of your mind and on an index card.
  • Collaborate. It’s not just a buzzword; politely suggest ideas and ask others for their ideas. Suggest connections between characters. If another player is struggling, throw out a rough idea or two.
    • This ties in to how high-level Dresden Files can be during-play. Specifically, the players and GM can easily pull out of the situation temporarily, decide on a fun or interesting next step, and dive back in. I don’t know why that’s more true of Dresden Files than the average system, but I’ve observed it.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks to Gordon Ku for the title.

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