D&D in Space: Evolved

Posted by on November 23, 2011

\"VoidjumpersWhen I released Voidjumpers of Space, my D&D 4th Edition re-imagining of Spelljammer, I received a lot of feedback. I\’ve incorporated that feedback into a new, expanded release of Voidjumpers, which addresses many of the concerns folks had:

  • Space now has gravity and breathable air, which simplifies a lot of things.
  • The sample encounters and adventures have been dramatically fleshed out, including encounter descriptions and stat blocks for monsters.
  • All stat blocks now use the Essentials format.
  • I\’ve added two new ship types: brute fighters (higher damage and lower HP) and guard stations (floating space platforms)
  • Lots of other little tweaks.

Download Voidjumpers Evolved, free as always.


If you have ideas, suggestions, comments, or contributions, email me at brent@brentnewhall.com. I can\’t promise that I\’ll add anything, but I promise to consider your offer seriously.

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