A certain “D&D in Space” setting, converted for 4E: Voidjumpers of Space, First Release

Posted by on October 26, 2011
'Spelljammer' by f_mafra on Flickr

'Spelljammer' by f_mafra on Flickr

There’s this legendary D&D setting: Spelljammer. D&D in space. Wizards and barbarians on wooden sailing ships, flying through space to plunder shattered worlds.

Unfortunately, TSR rushed the setting into production, so many of its components suffered from wonky mechanics. It was an imaginative setting that could be frustrating to play. And sadly, it wasn’t updated for either the 3rd or 4th editions of D&D.

I’m now attempting to fix that.

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a link to the first release of Voidjumpers of Space, an attempt to solve all of those problems. It’s free (as in beer), with a donation button for you if you feel it’s worth your money.

A few goals here:

  • This is the “first release.” This is my first setting at this scale, and I don’t know what people need to see fleshed out. I plan to incorporate reader comments into another release, which will be closer to a professional release. I want this to be a community-driven setting.
    • I’m also noodling with the idea of a Kickstarter project to fund awesome art like this.
  • This is an attempt to re-capture the overall flavor of Spelljammer, with a new world. So, this is not an attempt to clone Spelljammer; it’s not Spelljammer with the serialĀ  numbers filed off. That would both annoy Wizards of the Coast and be far less fun than creating a new set of races, classes, etc.

Download Voidjumpers of Space. Please donate a couple of bucks if you find this effort worthwhile. My thanks!

If you have ideas, suggestions, comments, or contributions, email me at brent@brentnewhall.com. I can’t promise that I’ll add anything, but I promise to consider your offer seriously.

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