An All-Digital RPG System

Posted by on July 12, 2011

Imagine an RPG system that’s handled completely with digital tools. Not only is your character sheet displayed on a screen, the mechanics are handled there, too.

Imagine this: a group sits around a table, each participant holding a smartphone, PDA, or tablet.

The GM touches “Moderate difficulty” on his tablet and asks Maria for a Perception test. She touches her Perception stat; it immediately rolls and flashes the result, “19,” at her. A wireless message is sent through the ether, and the GM sees “Success!” on his tablet.

Everything would run on an app. Characters could be created directly on these devices, or developed on a desktop or laptop then accessed on those devices.

How about a virtual tabletop? This is a bit harder to envision, but it’s certainly possible that a company will build and sell a tablet that’s much larger than today’s iPads. Such a thing could easily be used as a virtual tabletop, and wirelessly sync with each players’ device to automatically show markers, bloodied creatures, etc.

These digital systems would revolutionize LARPing. Just reach into your pocket and touch your smart phone to determine if you hit or miss an opponent.

(Obviously, there’d be purists; this wouldn’t kill traditional LARPing. But it could add a new experience.)

The technology is really already in place for all of this. Would it work? That’s another post.

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