Semi-Monthly Map: The Abandoned Temple of Arazhuul

The Abandoned Temple of Arazhuul is a large dungeon complex that was taken over by several forces. As the PCs delve deeper, they will find themselves in several very different environments. Arazhuul is a goddess of order and civilized pleasure, and the symmetrical design of underground complex exemplified this aspect of the goddess. A few years ago, a … Continue reading »

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Semi-Monthly Map: Porphyria’s Pit

Long ago, a natural pit in the earth was enlarged by the worshippers of Porphyria, a goddess of light and shadow. Deep in the center of the pit stood several crystal altars that shone and reflected the light in beautiful patterns as the sun moved through the sky. Porphyria’s worshippers–always an odd lot–created a large … Continue reading »

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Do you like isometric dungeon maps?

Would you have any interest in seeing more maps like this? It’s a bad photo of a line drawing, so if I did this more often, I’d make it much cleaner (and I’d add a symbol pointing north). I enjoyed drawing it, but I don’t know if anyone would find it useful. Please comment if you’d … Continue reading »

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