Semi-Monthly Map: Chothun’s City Home

Posted by on May 31, 2017

This map works well for a murder mystery, political intrigue, or other urban storyline in a fantasy world.

Chothun, a successful silk merchant, maintains this lavish home in the capital. Made of locally quarried stone adorned with blue and white tapestries and silk curtains, the house exudes luxury without feeling overly ostentatious. Entrance through the main door (in the lower-left of the map) leads into a spacious foyer (room 1) where outer clothes are deposited, then into the main meeting and dining area of room 2. The kitchen (room 7) serves excellent meals with a flair for spicy and exotic ingredients.

Chothun uses this home to entertain guests and business associates, and there’s usually someone staying in at least one of the guest rooms (rooms 3-5 and 9). Chothun sleeps in room 10 (rarely alone), while room 8 is a storage room and room 6 serves as the stables.

Four servants live work here: a cook, a maid, a stable boy, and a master of the house who also serves as Chothun’s secretary for his city business. The stable boy and maid sleep in the stable, while the cook and master of the house sleep in a separate building out back.

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