Semi-Monthly Map: Porphyria’s Pit

Posted by on March 8, 2017

Long ago, a natural pit in the earth was enlarged by the worshippers of Porphyria, a goddess of light and shadow. Deep in the center of the pit stood several crystal altars that shone and reflected the light in beautiful patterns as the sun moved through the sky.

Porphyria’s worshippers–always an odd lot–created a large complex where they lived, prayed, and worshipped.

Entrance was made through a circular stairway next to the pit, which led to a large receiving room. From there, you went down one level to another room, from which a secret passage led to north to the mushroom farms and dining room, and a staircase led down to the third level. The third level contained sleeping quarters in the northwest and storage rooms in the southeast, while the lowest level contained spaces for worship and contemplation.

Now, the complex is home to two competing factions. A tribe of goblinoids found the old entrance and secured the upper two levels, then encountered duergar who had tunneled in from below a few months before and set up camp in the lower two levels.

The door to the pit itself is magically sealed, and the duergar haven’t been able to open it yet. Looking from above, it’s clear that time has built up a layer of silt in the pit floor, possibly obscuring any treasure that still lays unclaimed there….

Porphyria's Pit

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