Monster Monday: Lizardling Commander of Tarakona

Posted by on March 13, 2017

Lizardling CommanderThe savage continent of Tarakona, where draconic races battle for supremacy!

The bureaucratic lizardling empire fights the same way it does everything else: in an orderly, regimented fashion. Its legions are divided into units, each led by a Commander.

Commanders are surprisingly active in combat. They stride into the thick of battle, the better to relay orders back to their unit (which consists of either Troopers or Archers). Enemies that scoff at this rarely do so for long, as the Commander slashes at a nearby foe with its shortsword while firing the light crossbow in its other hand at a distant enemy, yelling an order to its unit at the same time.

A Commanders who leads Troopers often surround themselves with subordinates. A Trooper with a glaive can attack anyone who closes to melee range of its Commander, even if the Trooper is behind its Commander.

Lizardling Commander stat block

Text version of stat block, suitable for use in Homebrewery:

Lizardling Commander

Small humanoid, lawful

  • Armor Class 14
  • Hit Points 25 (5d8 + 3)
  • Speed 30 ft.

|14 (+2)|13 (+1)|13 (+1)|8 (-1)|11 (+0)|9 (-1)|

  • Proficiency Bonus +2
  • Skills Athletics +4, Stealth +3
  • Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 11
  • Languages Draconic
  • Challenge 1 (250 XP)

Command of Retreat. On the Commander’s turn as a free action, the Commander can order one ally to move up to 15 feet without the ally provoking opportunity attacks.


Shortsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (1d6+4) piercing damage.

Light crossbow. Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, range 80/320, loading, one target. Hit: 8 (1d8+3) piercing damage.


The Commander charges into battle, shouting orders back to units of troopers or archers, and using two-weapon fighting to attack with both its weapons each turn.

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