Random Idea: Samuel Teleki, Vampire Hunter

Posted by on September 4, 2013
'Rillan' by Peter Seckler, CC-BY-3.0

‘Rillan’ by Peter Seckler, CC-BY-3.0

This is part of a series of RPG characters, creatures, and locations inspired by random entries from Wikipedia. The material I create may grow distant from its roots.

Today we have Count Sámuel Teleki, a jovial Transylvanian aristocrat who explored deep into Africa in search of “a sea that lay beyond the desert, surrounded by tribes of giants and islands inhabited by monsters and ghosts.” What more could we ask for?


Samuel von Telek is a wealthy Translyvanian aristocrat. Always upbeat and easy to befriend, he enjoys the favor his people thanks to his largesse and his shrewd management of provincial resources. He has made his province quite wealthy.

His other passion is hunting small and large game. And now, after spending 40 years traipsing alone through the mountainous forests of his home, he has decided to journey to Africa. He regales anyone who’ll listen about a fabled inner sea filled with monsters, its shores populated by tribes of giants.

Von Telek is lying, though it’s for a good cause. Because Von Telek is a vampire hunter. Those hunting trips into the forests of Transylvania were spent hunting blood suckers, not quail.

But hunting has been scarce lately, and the members of Von Telek’s vampire hunting lodge, the Falcon’s Eye, think they’ve found out why. There are legends of a vampiric homeland or fortress deep in the jungles of Africa. Vampires from all across Europe have been abandoning their normal feeding grounds and boarding ships to Africa. The Falcon’s Eye chose von Telek to investigate this rumor, so he’s pulling together the best group of adventurers and explorers he can. The cover story should attract only those who, if and when they do find a vampiric enclave, will at least be able to deal with it.

He just hopes and prays that this vampire stronghold isn’t too large. If they capture him, death is the best outcome he and his companions could hope for.

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