Relationship, Fact, and Opinion: A Character Development Tool

Posted by on August 27, 2012
'Young Couple in Relationship Conflict' by epsos on Flickr

‘Young Couple in Relationship Conflict’ by epsos on Flickr

Martin Ralya asks in a private post on Google+:

I want a system-neutral layer I can add to Call of Cthulhu character creation which gives every PC connections to, information about, and opinions on the other PCs in the manner of convention event pregens. It should only take a few minutes to implement during chargen, and in my head it’s kind of like mapping out relationships in Fiasco.

No problem. Play a game of Relationship, Fact, and Opinion:

  1. Each player creates a character.
  2. Each player gets an index card, on which the player writes Relationship at the top, Fact in the middle, and Opinion near the bottom.
  3. The game plays in rounds, starting with the oldest player. On your round:
    1. Choose a Relationship, Fact, or Opinion that you haven’t filled out yet.
    2. Underneath it, write another character’s name. If you can’t choose, roll a die.
    3. Underneath that, write the exact nature of the relationship, fact, or opinion. Use Fiasco playsets as inspiration.
  4. Continue until all Relationships, Facts, and Opinions are filled in.

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