The Places of Pyre: The Merchant’s District

Posted by on July 24, 2012

This is part of my “Pyre” world.

The Merchants’ District

Common Enemies: Oriforged Constructs, Chewers, and Shockers

Pyre was a relatively industrial civilization, so it needed a lot of trade with nearby countries for raw resources. Thus the need for merchants, who were some of the best in the world at the time.

This district was the primary target for looting during Twilight. It’s now a burned-out shell, thoroughly picked over and haunted by the spirits of many of the innocent merchant families who died here.

Geyser Courtyard

Geyser Courtyard

A common trap area in the Merchant’s District is the acid geyser courtyard.

The Treasury

In the center of the merchants’ district sits the treasury. While this had the largest concentration of money in Pyre, there was actually more money in total secreted away in various vaults in the Depths. Nevertheless, the treasury is an impressive, almost impregnable fortress, and has the convenience of a large, straight underground passageway to the Depths.

Entering the treasury requires a long walk down a hallway. One wrong step and jets of fire leap out to attack you. Those traveling down the hallway must learn to avoid the lightest-colored squares.

Treasury Entry Hallway (Merchant's District)

Treasury Entry Hallway (Merchant’s District)

In one street in the Merchant’s District, an airship has crashed, and is filled with undead.

Crashed Ship Street

Crashed Ship Street

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