Swing From the Chandelier

Posted by on February 2, 2012

Sanji Wanted PosterIs this you?

As a player, do you try to avoid trouble?

When facing a dangerous situation, do you look for ways to make it less dangerous? To find the factors endangering your party and tamp them down, working around the problem?

In the real world, that’s commendable. If you’re playing an action-driven game, it’s not so commendable.

Because your’e playing a hero.

As a player-character, acting despite danger is your job. Minimizing danger isn’t nearly as much fun as rushing towards it, both guns blazing. Grab the princess. Swing from the chandelier.

Now, that should be your default reaction, not your only reaction. There are certainly times when you want to talk your way out of a situation.

Think of, say, Star Wars¬†or Pirates of the Caribbean. The plot is motivated by the character’s actions. They certainly discuss options and converse with bad guys, but the player-characters all have a bias for action.

You can certainly play a diplomatic character. Just beware of defaulting to diplomacy. Instead, swing from a chandelier.

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