Chatting with the Stars (of Role-Playing)

Posted by on May 26, 2011

"Exchanging life experience" by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr

So, @gamefiend opened up an IRC channel: #4eDnD at

Background: I love IRC in my bones. Perhaps my first major online experience (certainly major; not sure if it was first) was my involvement in the Sci-FiChannel’s IRC servers, where I spent most of my time. Literally. Those were my friends back then.

Anyvay. I left, years passed, and @gamefiend started up #4eDnD. I love gamefiend, love the games he ran for me, and jumped into the IRC channel as soon as I could.

I was stunned to find lots of smart people, who were staying and talking in the channel. This is a gang of some of the smartest people in role-playing games today, at least on the amateur/semi-pro side.

There are very few ways to have useful, helpful conversations online. Forums, Twitter, and Facebook just aren’t built for long-formconversations that dive deep into a topic. IRC and Skype are about the only way to do it, and IRC’s usually full of 14-year-olds, warez kiddies, and idlers in some combination.

This place is different. If you’re interested, head over to (now defunct) to join the conversation.

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