Your villain should be like your PCs except in one way

Posted by on February 16, 2017

VillainYour villain should be industrious and productive, just like the heroes.

Your villain should be committed to her or his cause, just like the heroes. Your villain should be convinced that she or he is right, and have reasonable justifications for her or his behavior.

Your villain should inspire others to follow the same cause, just like the heroes.


Your villain should be willing to do anything to accomplish her or his goals. Murder, theft, bribery, kidnapping; all of it is defensible in pursuit of a goal. The villain may not relish taking those actions, but the villain must be willing to take those actions.

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  1. Adam Östergren

    The mark of a Hero is to have flaws and overcome them when they have to. And to take a moral higher stand.

    The mark of the villain is that they are as competent as the hero but will in the end succumb to their flaws. Be it their un-deterable/stalky love of one of the heroines or their addiction to magical energies. :) And yes, I fully agree a good villain will not care terribly about taking a moral higher stand, except in public.

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