Let’s Play

Let’s Play an Interesting RPG is a video podcast where a bunch of players try a different RPG system every few weeks on Google+. I then make the episodes available as video and audio-only podcasts.

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Past Episodes

Upcoming Live Broadcasts

There are currently no events to display.

Joining or Watching

Want to join in? Create a post on Google+, mention my name (+Brent Newhall), and say that you’re interested in Let’s Play. I’ll add you to a circle to be notified of upcoming games.

To join a game, watch for the event on Google+, and sign up to attend. I’ll create an Event once we get enough interest.

To watch a game, just keep an eye on the Event. I’ll broadcast it to my stream when the game starts.

I usually start the Hangout about 15 minutes before the start time, and we try to start the game within 30 minutes of the start time.

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