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Faction Friday: Anne Arundel’s Cotton Knitwear of Doom

Who can truly predict popularity? Certain bright, patchy-patterned scarves, vests, and other knitwear have become hugely popular of late. Everyone knows they’re knitted by the innumerable women who form the loose coalition known as Anne Arundel’s Cotton Knitwear. AACK, as it’s more commonly known, formed around the prodigious knitted output of its eponymous founder. Anne … Continue reading »

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Character Creation using the Inverse Barker Mechanic

As I’ve been thinking about how to use the Inverse Barker Mechanic (roll d100 in any difficult situation; higher is better), I think there are (at least!) 2 immediate problems to solve: How do you create characters that are “balanced?” That is, how do you keep one player from just having maximum stats in everything? … Continue reading »

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Faction Friday: Sir Jon Emberfall

Sir Jon Emberfall is one of the city’s more wealthy nobles. He’s used his wealth wisely, spending extra on public works while ensuring his wealth continues to grow. Never married, without an obvious protege, and definitely on the far side of middle age, some have started to wonder aloud what will happen to his money … Continue reading »

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Running a D&D Game with 1 Player

Sometimes, you only have one player available to play. Sometimes, one player in your campaign wants to split off and pursue his or her own goals for a while. Can you run a D&D game for one player? Sure. Do you have to do it differently? Yes. However, here’s the good news: it’s 95% the same as … Continue reading »

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Monster Monday: The Tricaput

In a more sane world, the Tricaput would be one of those calm herbivores that mostly gets out of humans’ way. Instead, the Tricaput — all six tons of it — chooses a mile-wide area of land as its territory and defends it viciously against anything larger than a dog, flying into rages at the … Continue reading »

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Faction Friday: Elesantra’s Dungeon of Wonder and Goblins

Elesantra, an adventurous elf, followed the classic adventurer career: She spent years delving into dungeons, collecting various items of power, then eventually retired very comfortably. Having developed a taste for city life, she put her money in charge of a local banker, bought a small mansion, and placed her collection of magic items in a … Continue reading »

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Monster Monday: Skullspiders

Spawned in abandoned graveyards and poorly maintained battlefields, skullspiders are large, venomous predators about the size of a cat. Unlike the single web of a typical spider, each skullspider will spread several thick webs over graves, crypts, bushes, and trees and feed indiscriminately on anything that gets caught there. They are also viciously territorial and … Continue reading »

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Faction Friday: Gus’s Goblins

Life’s tough for goblins who try to be good. Many of them turn to the merchant life as peddlers and gypsies, turning their natural eye for trinkets into a shrewd judge of value. Still, they take quite a while to earn the locals’ trust. Enter Gus, a minor half-elf spell-caster who never seemed to find … Continue reading »

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The Inverse Barker Mechanic: d100 for Everything

I’ve probably written about this on Google+ a few times, but I wanted to document it in full. Apparently, M.A.R. Barker, creator of the early RPG Empire of the Petal Throne, after decades of role-playing settled on a very simple system: The GM takes the PCs’ character description into account when describing NPC reactions, so if … Continue reading »

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Monster Monday: Painsoppers

Today’s monster is converted from the “hexmute” found in GURPS: Creatures of the Night by Scott Paul Maykrantz. Painsoppers are strange humanoids who live on pain. Usually encountered in groups of 3 to 10, they are indistinguishable from normal humans except for their irises, which are pure black, and the fact that they never speak. They … Continue reading »

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