What Is Articulation Agreement For Universities

Posted by on October 15, 2021

You may be thinking, “Admission guaranteed? Did I just read that well?! Yes, you certainly did! There`s really nothing better than that: many articulation agreements guarantee the automatic acceptance of every student who has earned an associate degree with a specific cumulative average. Some institutions specify what type of associate degree (Art Associate vs. Science Associate vs. Applied Science Associate) is required for guaranteed admission. Of course, guaranteed admission may exclude certain programs that have higher eligibility criteria – so be sure to conduct your college research. Tags: articulation agreements, how to transfer transfer agreements that transfer colleges if you were asking an admissions counselor or community college administrator what an articulation agreement is, they wouldn`t hesitate to tell you. Good luck! Starting at a community college may be motivated by financial reasons, among other things, to explore career opportunities, flexible schedules, professional interests, or the best way to cope with low high school grades. However, in today`s competitive job market, many of us ultimately decide to pursue our education beyond a two-year program. Reviewing the articulation agreements available with four-year institutions before investing a lot of time in courses is a smart decision to make early in your academic career when you know you eventually need or want a four-year degree. .

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