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Posted by on October 10, 2021

19. A medical certificate from a physician may be accepted by the employer. This appears to be the case in practice, with changes in certification and healthcare provision. However, to date, there is no case law requiring an employer to accept, for example, a chiropractic product without a supporting language in the collective agreement. In addition, a recognized authority (Palmer, Collective Agreement Arbitration in Canada, 2nd Edition) notes at page 667: “In general. [Certification] means [certification by] a physician qualified under the relevant legislation and not by a nurse or chiropractor. 20. Leave for a worker`s medical and dental appointments may be supported by an explicit language in the collective agreement. Or, depending on the nature of the illness or state of health at the time of leave for the appointment, the claim may be covered by the sick leave provision. If the agreement is silent with regard to a worker`s medical or dental appointments, access to leave may be covered by a general provision of “other leave with or without pay”. In most cases, the employer is free to apply such a clause. Many collective agreements contain a provision that a statement signed by the worker that he or she has not been able to meet his or her obligations due to illness or injury is sufficient to satisfy the employer, unless the employer has otherwise informed the worker that further evidence or additional information is required. If the employer fails to inform the worker of the need for further information, the employer is obliged to accept the declaration (unless the signed declaration can be proved fraudulent). 2.

We should start with the basic premise that the employer has the right to obtain a medical certificate as a prerequisite for granting sick leave. . . .

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