Bhumi Agreement

Posted by on September 12, 2021

(g) `work related to agriculture` means any work to be carried out in collaboration with agriculture, such as. B the construction of a structure for animal husbandry, storage of agricultural equipment, fertilizers, seeds and agricultural products, which the Bhumiswami and Bataidar decide in the prescribed agreement A.b) For the entire area given on Batai in concert, the part of the harvest to be paid for one year, clearly indicate the name of the harvest and the share of the harvest of Bhumiswami and Bataidar…………… 3. If the agreement cannot be filed with a public authority or court to obtain a title, property right or other right, no application for appeal or application may be filed with a court. If Bataidar has the right to do so, it waives that right. 1. Does not violate the agreement and pay and receive the consideration to Bhumiswami before the date set in accordance with the agreement. 4. Each party must keep a copy of the agreement with them. (f) `improvement` means the improvement referred to in Section (J) of Subsection (1) of the Code, and also includes work carried out by mutual agreement between Bhumiswami and Bataidar, as set out in the agreement between them; Note – 1.

The passport photo of both parties should be affixed to the agreement. (c) Description of the condition, if any, with regard to the assumption of the costs of fertilizers, seeds, irrigation or other expenses determined between Bhumiswami and Bataidar: ……………….. .

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