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Posted by on September 8, 2021

Electricians who work in Danish jobs have a number of rights which are laid down in collective agreements. If you work for a company covered by a collective agreement, you have the same rights as your Danish colleagues. If the company does not have a collective agreement, the danish Electricians` Association will negotiate a collective agreement as soon as possible. Collective agreements are part of the “Danish model”. That is, a labour market based on agreements between employers and trade unions. 3F takes care of all the preparatory work for the negotiation of Danish collective agreements, which help to ensure good wage and working conditions for the worker. Your employer may have concluded a collective agreement either as a member of an employers` organisation or as a membership agreement directly with the Danish Electricians` Association. Contact the local branch of the Danish Electricians` Association to find out what your employer is special about. If there is no collective agreement, the local establishment will negotiate and sign a collective agreement with your employer. If your employer is a member of an employers` organization or is covered by a membership agreement, you are covered by a pension plan.

In most cases, the total contribution is 12% of your total monthly salary, of which you must pay 4% yourself, the rest being paid by your employer. The way in which collective agreements are concluded may be different, as may the content. It depends to a large extent on the nature of the work done. However, a collective agreement will contain at least rules on wage conditions and working hours. The accession agreement was adopted on 14 May 2015, approved by the Brazilian National Congress, the accession process has not yet been completed. 3F works with 196 sectoral collective agreements. In addition, 3F oversees some 745 premises and membership agreements, which often apply to only one job. In Denmark, there is no statutory minimum wage.

Therefore, you should always know which company you work for and whether your employer has a collective agreement. In this regard, the local branch of the Danish Electricians` Association is always ready to help and guide you. The local branch of the Danish Electricians` Association can inform you of the rules applicable to your company and your collective agreement. In Denmark, it is not the government, but the social partners who agree on the rules of the labour market. The rules are set out in an agreement between your union and an employers` organisation/company. (b) customs officers, under the conditions laid down in the appropriate bilateral agreements referred to in Article 40(6) of the 1990 Convention, as regards their competence with regard to the illicit trade in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, trafficking in arms and explosives and the illicit transport of toxic and dangerous waste. Brazil`s accession to ESO was unanimously approved by the ESO Council on 21 December 2010. In order to assist Brazil before ratification, the accession agreement contained a series of interim agreements. In particular, these allowed Brazilian industry to participate in ESO`s tenders (for contracts awarded after ratification) and astronomers from Brazilian institutes to apply for the ESO telescope observation time on the same basis as the ESO telescope. .


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