1996 India China Agreement Upsc

Posted by on September 8, 2021

But why do the problems persist even after four agreements to solve the border problem? This article sets out the problem in the text of the agreement. Article V Both sides shall take into consideration, inter alia, historical evidence, national sentiments, practical difficulties and reasonable concerns and sensitivities of both sides, as well as the actual state of the border areas. Article VI The boundary should be along well-defined and easily identifiable natural geographical features, which shall be mutually agreed between the two Parties. Article VII With regard to the border regime, both Parties shall safeguard the interests of their sedentary population in border areas. Article VIII Under the final boundary regime, the delimitation of the boundary shall be carried out by means such as modern mapping and surveying practices and joint visits. Article IX Pending a final solution to the border issue, both sides should strictly respect and abide by the effective line of control and cooperate to maintain peace and tranquillity in the border areas. The India-China Joint Working Group and the India-China Diplomatic and Military Expert Group are continuing their work within the framework of the agreements of 7 September 1993 and 29 November 1996, including the clarification of the effective line of control and the implementation of confidence-building measures. Article X The EUSRs on the border issue are seriously pursuing their consultations with a view to reaching an agreed framework for a border settlement that forms the basis for the delimitation and delimitation of the border between India and China, which will then be carried out by civil and military officials and surveyors of both sides. . . .

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