Where Do I Find My Flexirent Agreement Number

Posted by on April 15, 2021

If you want to terminate the contract prematurely, there are a number of options. In 2007, the Micah Law Centre, a non-profit law firm, stated in a report[18] that financiers in consumer leases, including flexirent, were attempting to circumvent Australia`s consumer protection laws for credit contracts, citing complex and misleading final ownership clauses. It also raised concerns about the high cost of agreements and their marketing to low-income consumers. [Citation required] At the end of the contract, a number of options are granted to the client. The return of the devices in perfect condition allows the customer to leave the contract or to start a new one (the latter is possible within the last three months of the contract, provided it is equal or higher). Alternatively, the customer can negotiate at the end of the contract to purchase the equipment directly. [6] Better use your valuable working capital elsewhere in your business to finance growth Please note that, if necessary, a fee may be charged if you use these options. Protect yourself from accidental damage, loss, theft or involuntary unemployment with our optional add-ons Tell us about your situation. We can help.

Access 1800 240 102 Select the category that best represents your query and complete each field. [14] Among the criticisms is the total amount of refunds that often exceed the cost of the product itself. Gerry Harvey had previously suggested on a Today Tonight show in January 2008 that Flexirent could be rejected by the average family. [15] Changes, updates and termination options – what you need to know about the overall management of your lease. You can also contact us via the form below. FlexiRent`s newest equipment, without any establishment or paying annual fee bends first partnership with Harvey Norman in 1995 to offer rental financing to its professional customers. In 1998, the Den Privatkunden service was proposed to finance electrical technology and equipment. [12] When Flexirent was listed on ASX in 2006, much of its business was related to its interest-free offer with Harvey Norman. [13] The product is now actively marketed in stores. The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on December 11, 2006 after 11 years. [4] Subject to authorization and terms and conditions and in the event of an upgrade, our internal credit criteria. Upgrade to the latest technology at the end of the run so you can`t get stuck with the outdated COVID 19 update devices: We`re here and ready to help.

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