Project Service Agreement Meaning

Posted by on April 11, 2021

g. If the customer orders commercial products, a separate licensing agreement is negotiated, which is part of the current factory declaration. In the event of termination, not the Agency`s fault, the Agency is paid for the services rendered in due form prior to termination and for all refundable costs payable, but under no circumstances can this compensation exceed the maximum compensation to be paid under the Project Services Agreement. As part of customer service, our company develops technologies that allow you to use modern electronic communications and mobile applications to use our company`s products and services. These include services related to the use of the Internet, social networks and various mobile applications. b) the provision of products and services; These include the dissemination of information, the product and service offerings of our company and other parties, including product and service offerings to certain customers, all through different channels such as. B by mail, electronic means (including e-mail and messages sent by phone to mobile devices) or by phone via a website. To some extent, our company also has the right, in these cases, to offer products and services to customers without their consent; If the law implies it, you will be informed in this regard of your right to express your opposition to other offers of products or services. In this context, your personal data may also be passed on to third parties for the purpose of disseminating information and offering products and services to those third parties. For more details, please see these principles below. For the purposes of this contract, the following terms are: Our company is subject to various legal obligations regarding the processing of the personal data of the customer that we must comply with, including the performance of our contractual obligations or the exercise of administrative authority. In this regard, we would not be able to provide our products and services without you receiving your personal data. In addition, we process customer personal data beyond our legal obligations for customer service and address you with targeted product and service offerings.

We need your approval. If you decide not to give your consent in these cases, our products or services provided may be limited or adapted in some way depending on the extent of the data we are authorized to process. Each customer is informed of the extent of the restrictions or adjustments. (b) those interested in our company`s services through marketing events and campaigns; B. Repayment of non-cancelling benefits and obligations incurred by the contractor as part of the project`s closing, provided that the contractor provides the client with documents relating to the completion of the work or the costs incurred. We inform you of how Easy Software (hereafter referred to as “us” or “our company”) processes your personal data related to the offer, conclusion, supply and maintenance of the company`s products and services. E. The customer undertakes to reproduce or reproduce all trademarks and other copyright legends as well as all trademarks or service marks of the holder or a third party on all copies of the contractor`s property. This usually relates to situations in which you are required to disclose certain personal data to us as a condition, so that we can provide you with our product or service, or if we are entitled to process your personal data acquired by other means. The contractor may, at his choice, subcontract subcontract work as part of a work declaration, but the contractor`s use of subcontractors does not affect his responsibilities under the current work statement.

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