Iata Standard Transportation Document Service Agreement

Posted by on April 10, 2021

SGHA 2018 does not deal entirely with data protection, although the definition of eTickets tickets has been expanded. The initial clause 5.10 of SGHA 2013, which states that “contracting parties agree to comply with all applicable data protection laws when providing services,” has been removed. It will be interesting to see how claims are handled and whether internal flight processes are the result of tracking and tracking cargo claims. Improvements can be made when airlines use more detailed documentation requirements for cargo shipments and handling of irregularities (AnnexS A 5.3.1 and 5.7). 4 Delivery of luggage 3. janitorial 4. Newspapers Delivery 5. Laundry 6. support 7. other negotiating and security venues and airport facilities, if any, on behalf of the Liaise airline with local and public authorities, to ensure that all necessary authorizations and licences are requested, negotiated and secured, prior to any seasonal/operational changes.

Make and report quality/performance measurements Process the contents of carrier bags section 2. PASSENGER SERVICES General inform passengers and/or the public of the time of arrival and/or departure of the airline`s aircraft and surface transport. Provisions for passengers and their luggage and baggage and inform them of the services available at the airport. at the request of the air carrier (a) provide (b) the provision of specialized equipment, facilities and specially trained personnel to assist unaccompanied minors. 3 Contact with the designated carrier representative Check the availability and availability of personnel, equipment, loads, documentation of the /e). Meet planes on arrival and contact the crew. Decide on non-routine matters. Check the sending of operating returns. Note irregularities and inform the carrier. Station Management You can act on behalf of the airline (a) exclusively (b) not exclusively The HANDLING Company has the right: the interest of the airline in the solution of the business of government and local authorities to take part in local meetings of the airport on behalf of the airline (a) Report to the airline Results / content of meetings (b) Act, vote and obligation on behalf of the airline HANDLING is authorized to request services on behalf of the airline, specifying the spending/obligation limit set out in Schedule B 1. Airport lounges 2. 5 2.

Persons with reduced mobility (PRM) 3. Vips. 4. Transit without passenger visa (TWOV). 5. Deported. 6. Special medical transport 7. other, as referred to in Schedule B. (a) b) assistance to passengers in the event of a flight interruption, delay or cancellation. This assistance includes: 1.

Meal vouchers 2. Booking change 3. Transport 4. Accommodation at Hotel 5. Staff arranges baggage storage in the customs store (a) inform the airline of the airline`s passenger claims and claims. (b) process these claims in accordance with Appendix B. Report to the airline any irregularities found in the handling of passengers and baggage. a) (b) 1. Check-in counter (e) 2nd service counter (e) 3rd transfer counter (e) 4. Salon Facilities 5.

Arrangement of carrier-specific objects, such as carpets.B. carpets, mobile signage, queue control bars 6. other facilities in accordance with Appendix B Perform the following ticketing and sales functions (a) Reservations (b) Delivery of transport documents (c) Ancillary services (d) e-ticketing (e) other in accordance with Schedule B Departure departure before the flight and ensure that (a) tickets for the flight are valid. 9 a) Enter (b) order for 1. Transfer counter 2. Liaison Services 3. Baggage recheck handle lost, found and damaged property business.

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