Offboarding Agreement

Posted by on December 13, 2020

PBP: The PBP will indicate a message in #offboardings confidential Slack channel and will indicate the name, on the last day, the reason for the resignation, the authorization to reintegrate and the person`s location. To share this information, the PBP uses the Slack-Shortcut symbol and follows the following steps: During the offboard, however, uncertainty is related to the decisions that led to the employee`s departure. In the event of a resignation, the employer may wonder whether he would have convinced the outgoing worker to stay. And when employees are laid off or fired, they can question their employer`s real motivations for letting them go. For laptops, please read the laptop buyback policy, which states that team members have the option to buy back their existing laptops, either when they are updated for a new one or when the team member is offboarding. If the team member has completed 1 calendar year or more in the GitLab when updating a laptop or offboard, they can choose to keep their laptop for free. If the team member has not yet completed a calendar year at GitLab at that time, he has the option to purchase his laptop for the current market value. The offboarding process is shared by people business partners (PBPs), People Specialists, People Experience Team and Tech Stack Provisioners. For involuntary offboards, it is optional to look back at the attitude, onboarding and coaching/communication of the outgoing team member.

As a manager, you can use this model for a retrospective. Please share the completed form with your manager and the People Business Partner for your group. An exit interview is a survey conducted during the offboarding process in order to gain knowledge about improving the organization. HR employees can use this model to simply collect feedback from employees, to find out what motivations to leave and how it could have been better for them (if so). If an employee goes, he becomes either a lawyer or an antagonist for your business. Supporters will talk a lot about you and can send potential new collaborators your way. Antagonists will not recommend your business to anyone, which can hurt you in the long run.

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