Draft Llp Agreement For Change Of Name

Posted by on December 7, 2020

DETERMINED that the name be replaced by the new name ` `new name`. You can also find more information in our article on the procedure for changing the LLP name. Sections of the LLP Act 2008 dealing with the name change of LLP are: Once the partners have chosen the new name of the LLP, a reservation request in form -1 will be addressed to the ROC. The new name can only be approved by ROC if it is clear and is not the same or similar to an existing company, LLP, domain or trademark. Partners must meet to pass a resolution on the necessary changes to the draft LLP agreement. That could be, for example. B, to change the capital contribution. As soon as you send the required form to the Registrar. The clerk will then check the submitted form and the necessary changes will take effect from the date of approval. To decide on the new name of the LLP, the partners must make a decision at a meeting duly convened in accordance with the LLP agreement. After the meeting the decision must be written and signed by the partners. Therefore, before you begin the process of changing the name of LLP, you should check the LLP agreement to be informed and informed – if a process has been indicated as part of the name change.

Most standard LLP agreements have no limit to changing the LLP name. “RESOLVED THAT in accordance with the provisions of Section 19 and other applicable provisions, if applicable, of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 (amended or adopted) and the clause……. [Number of clause] of the limited liability partnership agreement of …….., the existing name of the Limited Liability Partnership is………….. [Existing name] up to…………………… [New name], as agreed by LLP`s partners, and to that end, the LLP agreement was amended accordingly. As soon as the Form 5 legal documents were filed, the MCA passed its review. According to the approved MCA form, they issue a new founding certificate containing the name LLP after the name change. After the LLP must prepare the complementary LLP agreement. This agreement will contain a proposed change to the LLP name from an existing name to a new name. A designated partner of the LLP may submit a form in which it is stated that the House wishes a name change for the LLP, and after the necessary forms have been filed and the fees paid, the Clerk will consider the matter. This app is a form of booking the desired name for your LLP.

These forms can be used to put both a new name for your LLP when you start your partnership, and also to change the name of your LLP to something new halfway through. The exact form to be submitted is Form-1. The Liability Limited Partnership (LLP) is the charter of a limited liability company, similar to the statutes and statutes of a limited company.

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