Slimpunk, a simple cyberpunk tabletop RPG

Joshua Kubli on Google+ wrote, “I keep thinking I want to run Shadowrun, and then my enthusiasm tapers during planning. [The art below] is basically what I want from Shadowrun. Less near-future spy stuff, more punk and urban shamanism/modern magic stuff.”

Party Elves (postapocalyptichipsterpirateelves3) by BrandonPalas

Party Elves (postapocalyptichipsterpirateelves3) by BrandonPalas

I hear you! So here’s a simple system for that:

If attempting something risky, like jimmying open the locked door to a pharmacy, roll 2d6. If you roll 7 or less, something bad happens. No matter what, you succeed. Don’t even try something physically impossible.

If you get into a conflict, everything switches into turns and rounds. Go in order based on whichever character was most active. Each character gets 9 Action Points (APs) per round. Swinging a pipe, firing a shotgun, or sprinting 5 yards each takes 3 APs.


When casting a spell, roll 2d6. That’s the number of Action Points that the spell consumes. Each AP can be spent to affect a 2-yard cube, to last 1 minute, or to deal 1 point of damage (and can be used multiple times and combined in each spell). Spells each follow a Magic Focus, which can be water (including ice), fire (including light), earth, air, force, or the mind (including illusions). Work out specifics with the other players. Your character starts the game with the ability to use only one Magic Focus.

If your spell goes beyond your 9 AP limit, then for each AP beyond your limit you take 1 point of Stress. At 9 Stress, you enter the Glorious Burn: you can act for 1 minute with a hard 15 AP limit (spells rolled beyond this simply fail), then you fall unconscious and wake up with 1d6 damage and all Stress cleared.

On the turn after one of your spells ends, you can spend 1d6 APs and take 1 Stress to keep the spell going.


Fists deal 1d2 damage, clubs and vibro-knives 1d4, and chainsaws and guns 1d6.

Most NPCs can take 6 damage; kid punk shamans can take 10, and urban trolls can take 12. When you hit your max damage, you fall unconscious.

Every time you sleep for at least 8 hours, you heal 1d6 damage.

Everything Else

You have one Major Passion: a thing you like to do in the world (destroy corporate art; protect the innocent; kill the motherf—ers at Dynacorp). If you finish an adventure in which you feed your Major Passion publicly and in a major way, you get another AP each round.

So, each PC has two aspects: Major Passion and Magic Focus. Define those, and hit the streets.

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646 Open Licensed Designs for Minis You Can 3D Print

Deco Diselbot by Arian Croft

Deco Diselbot by Arian Croft

This page links to 3D miniature designs that you can download and print on any desktop 3D printer.

I’ve focused on files that are provided with an open license that lets you expand on them and even sell your prints if you’d like, unless otherwise noted.

All these files should print without support material, unless noted.

I’ve avoided listing designs that directly and obviously infringe on copyright, like files pulled directly from video games and models of well-known copyrighted characters (like Shrek) and F/SF vehicles (like X-Wings). I have included iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters like Mind Flayers and the Tarrasque, since one could just as easily rename them.

Problems? Email me.


  1. 1:24 Comic Con Scans — Three low-res female figures wearing modern dresses
  2. 28mm Dominion Officer (non-commercial) – A humanoid in a padded space suit, holding up a rifle
  3. 28mm Scifi Corporate Mercenary (non-commercial) – Humanoid in space suit and helmet, carrying a gun
  4. 3D Scanned Girl – Older teen/young adult with long hair, wearing a t-shirt and pants
  5. Aditya – Boy, arms crossed, looking down, wearing short-sleeved shirt and baggy pants
  6. Akiko (non-commercial) – Female warrior, vaguely Final Fantasy-style
  7. Amazon Warrior Sappho – Scantily clad female with club
  8. Brendan L – Modern man wearing a suit, dress shirt, and slacks, holding both hands in front of him
  9. Bruce
  10. Caroline K – Medium-haired woman wearing baggy clothes, beckoning over her head
  11. Chainsaw guy
  12. Chris F – Short-haired man, hands on hips, wearing work clothes and boots
  13. Chris L – Long-haired woman, arms crossed, wearing long-sleeved shirt and long pants
  14. Chris O – Man wearing hoodie and long pants
  15. Cyrus – Boy, arms crossed, wearing long-sleeved shirt and long pants
  16. Darius – Man with arms at waist, wearing long-sleeved flannel shirt and jeans
  17. Deco Diselbot – Humanoid robot with large forearms and pipes on its back
  18. Dragonborn from Dungeons & Dragons – Armored dragonborn wielding an axe
  19. Emil thinking
  20. The Emperor of Mankind – A Warhammer 40K-style mini, a human man with a cloak and armored claws
  21. Female Archer Mini (non-commercial)
  22. Female Space Trooper (supportless printing) — Adult female in powered armor
  23. Gary M – Modern adult man in blue-collar clothes, throwing horns
  24. Gordon Plotts, Para-Human (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  25. Half Celestial Archer (NEEDS SUPPORT) – Male human with wings, holding a flaming sword and wearing goggles
  26. Hailey B – Short-haired woman striking sassy pose, wearing long-sleeved shirt, pants, and boots
  27. Halfling Rogue
  28. Hoplite (REQUIRES SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  29. Jack W – Modern male, one hand on hip, looking to one side
  30. Jacob – Modern male, one hand under chin in thoughtful pose, wearing t-shirt and jeans
  31. Jonathan – Bearded man, both hands on hips, wearing flannel shirt and long pants
  32. Justin M – Man with dreadlocks, in thoughtful pose, wearing long-sleeved shirt and long pants
  33. Kristen V – Slightly overweight older woman holding out hands in offering pose, wearing a leotard
  34. Lady Adventurers! – Three female characters (uman fighter, dwarf cleric, and drow warlock) wearing armor
  35. man sitting on chest – Modern man with a cane and wearing a cap, sitting on a chest
  36. Michael T – Older bearded man wearing long-sleeved shirt and jeans
  37. Meghan H – Long-haired young girl, hands on hips, wearing short-sleeved shirt, skirt, and large boots
  38. Mike S – Older man in work clothes, giving Vulcan salute
  39. My Boy
  40. Nancy – Modern, middle-aged woman wearing long-sleeved shirt and long skirt, looking upwards
  41. Never..
  42. Northern Warrior with Greatsword
  43. Pam S – Modern woman wearing a dress, sassy pose
  44. Pau Farinetes statue
  45. Pete – Large, middle-aged man with hands in jacket pockets. Would be a good thug or bouncer.
  46. Pierre miniature
  47. Plunderbuss Pete – Pirate
  48. Ralph Siggurdson: Dwarven Demolitions Expert (non-commercial)
  49. Renee S – A pregnant woman wearing a dress
  50. Rod A – Modern male
  51. RPG Miniature – Bird Creature
  52. Sandy – Modern, older woman in pants and shirt
  53. Sintel – Female wearing tank top, pants, leggings, and boots, holding a staff
  54. Sir Occulum Tanberry
  55. Sir Paul McCartney Figure (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  56. Standing figure of Alex – Modern human boy wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long pants
  57. Steve H
  58. Technically Proficient Interstellar Space Jarhead
  59. Templar7
  60. Thor catching hammer
  61. Tiny Barbarian (non-commercial)
  62. Town people – Adult and two children, 20th century dress. Versions with and without support are available.
  63. Wardar, Lord of the Porcelain Throne
  64. Wasteland Hunters
Creature with Horns

Creature with Horns

Monsters and Animals

  1. 52mm Attacking Hobgoblin or Goblin Chief (non-commercial) – goblin raising a club over his head; prints in two pieces so no support needed
  2. 52mm Dire Wolf And Goblin Rider (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  3. 52mm Female Orc Warrior with Sling (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  4. 52mm Goblin with Club (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  5. 52mm Orc Berserker (non-commercial)
  6. Adalinda: The Singing Serpent (non-commercial)
  7. African Hippo (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  8. Alligator – High-quality alligator
  9. Apollo Astronaut by Max Grueter (non-commercial)
  10. Armadillo from Amarillo – Simple armadillo model
  11. Asterion, the Minotaur (non-commercial) – A minotaur holding a club
  12. Baby Triceratops
  13. Bär – A bear
  14. Banana Slug – Two different designs, one curled up and another in an “S” shape
  15. BaneThrall (Inspired model) – A remake of a WarMachine mini
  16. Basilisk! (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  17. Battle dinosaur 2 (NEEDS SUPPORT) – An Ankylosaurus with a siege tower on its back!
  18. Beholder (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial) – A classic D&D-style Beholder.
  19. Beholders – 4 different models, all of which print without support!
  20. Black Bear – A bear on a circular base
  21. Black Dragon (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  22. Blisterbelch, Scourge of Highhelm Reach (non-commercial) – A club-carrying ogre
  23. Blue Dragon (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  24. Brain Slug on base – A spherical, single-eyed creature
  25. brainy monster – A brain with tentacles
  26. Broca – robot – A clawed robot on a wheel
  27. Broodling (non-commercial) – A 6-limbed insect-like creature in multiple parts
  28. Bug in a Jar
  29. Bulette
  30. Bull Elephant and Handler – Elephant with trunk raised, with a modern human standing next to it. Available with and without support.
  31. Carrion Crawler
  32. Caterpillar – A stylized, blocky caterpillar
  33. Cave Troll
  34. Centipede (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  35. cerberus 333 (non-commercial)
  36. Cloaker
  37. Clumsy Dragon – A comedic-style dragon that’s fallen on its head
  38. Cockatrice
  39. Cockatrice!
  40. Cosmonaut TOY SOLDIERS – Armored space soldiers with skeletons/zombies inside
  41. Creature (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial) – An upright, bear/demon creature on a base
  42. Creature 3
  43. Creature with horns
  44. Crete-Wars Gang Set – 4 Shadowrun-style punks with guns
  45. Dark Angel’s Space marine squad – Warhammer 40K-style minis
  46. Darkmantle
  47. DARQ-9 (needs support) – A robot with claws
  48. Demon – A Japanese oni, to be precise
  49. Demon dog statue
  50. Demons from Dungeons & Dragons – Includes 5 demon designs
  51. Devils from Dungeons & Dragons – Includes 5 devil designs
  52. Digitizer African Elly phant
  53. Digitizer African Lion (non-commercial)
  54. Dire Rat 28mm miniature
  55. Displacer Beast – Dog-like creature with two forward tentacles
  56. DOG – A very smooth and otherworldly lupine
  57. Doppelganger – Featureless humanoid; may need support
  58. Dracolich
  59. The dragon which rides on clouds
  60. Dreadnought MK II (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  61. Drider!
  62. Drow (NEED SUPPORT) – wizard, priestess, and warrior
  63. Duchman Chess Set – Self Supporting Overhangs – A tentacle-style monster
  64. Dwarven Mech (non-commercial) – Dwarves in powered armor
  65. Elementals (NEED SUPPORT)
  66. Elephant – Very simple model
  67. Erinyes (NEEDS SUPPORT) – Humanoid devil with wings
  68. Ester Bonnie – Nude female furry humanoid with rabbit features
  69. Ettercap (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  70. Ettin (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  71. FDM ready Split Lioness – A lioness split in half so it’ll print without support
  72. Feeding Elephant – An elephant with its trunk curled inward, available both with and without support
  73. Fire Elemental
  74. Flameskull – A flaming skull
  75. Flumph…OF BATTLE!
  76. Forest Dragon (No Support Needed)
  77. Formorian
  78. Frog Fiend Flat – A monstrous frog that’s mostly an evil, toothed grin
  79. Frog Friend Remix – Same as Frog Fiend Flat, but with eyestalks and a nose
  80. Fully moveable KUKA KR180 industrial robot (all rights reserved) – A multi-part print that creates a robot arm, similar to those used in car factories
  81. Fungi from Dungeons & Dragons – A shrieker, a violet fungus, and a gas spore
  82. Gecko
  83. Gelatinous Cube!
  84. Gibbering Mouther!
  85. Giraffe – Very simple model
  86. Goblin 28mm
  87. Goblins! (NEEDS SUPPORT) – Two goblins, a bugbear, and a hobgoblin
  88. Golems from Dungeons & Dragons – Flesh, stone, clay, and iron golems
  89. Green Slime
  90. Grim Reaper (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  91. Hook Horror!
  92. House Vermeni Guardian Mech, Advancing (non-commercial)
  93. The Kraken! Body ready for print – Tentacles not included, but the page includes a link to tentacles
  94. ‘On Such a Full Sea’ Koi Fish (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  95. Volumetric Tentacle

    Volumetric Tentacle

    The Last DinoRider

  96. Lich King Resculpted (45mb) (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  97. Lioness
  98. Little Buddha – A statue of a traveling Buddha
  99. little bunny
  100. Lepus Draconis Leo (The Drionbbit) (NEEDS SUPPORT) – A dragon, crossed with a lion, crossed with a rabbit
  101. Low Poly DireWolf – Game of Thrones – Low Poly Tiger Remix
  102. Maggot Magnet – Maggot rearing its head
  103. Metal Pig – Hunched robot with a pig head
  104. Mimic
  105. Mindflayers! – 3 variations included, with support material already on the models.
  106. Minotaur (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  107. Mithran Star Strider (non-commercial)
  108. Octocat – A cat head with tentacles. ::shudder::
  109. Octogoat – A goat head with tentacles
  110. Octopus
  111. Octopus – Another variation
  112. (Holiday) Ogre (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  113. Orc with Club Miniature
  114. Otyugh!
  115. Owl Bear (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  116. Parade Elephant – An elephant with a simple forehead medallion and a blanket over its back
  117. Parade Elephant with Rider – The elephant in the previous entry, with a female rider
  118. Pet Monster
  119. Pet Monster – Lil Cyborg
  120. Pet Monster Valentine – A cutesy dragon curled around a heart. Would work well as a familiar or pet dragon.
  121. Pit Beast – 8-legged dragon/scorpion creature. Prints in 17 parts, so no support needed.
  122. Printable Pig
  123. The Professor (non-commercial) – Hexapod robot
  124. Rage – An Incredible Hulk-like creature, with supports built in
  125. Red Dragon (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  126. Red Wolf Fixed (non-commercial) – A wolf
  127. Rex Reaper (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial) – The Grim Reaper with a T-Rex skull
  128. Robots Versus Wizards Chess Set – Contains many wizard and robot pieces
  129. Rock Frog Remix
  130. Robbie Robot
  131. Seastar – A ridged starfish, which can be printed nice and large
  132. Shark!
  133. Silent Running Drone 01 – “Dewey”
  134. Skeleton Archer 28mm
  135. Skeleton Archer
  136. Skelly
  137. Scorpid creature
  138. Snurtle remake – Bug creature
  139. Space Orkks – Warhammer 40K-style orc pieces, easy to print and assemble
  140. Spectator! – Simpler version of a beholder
  141. sphero guide – A feline
  142. Stargate Cat – A cat standing at attention
  143. Stone Golem – Humanoid golem
  144. Spider
  145. The Tarrasque! (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  146. Tartaran Shock Trooper (non-commercial) – Caped, armored trooper with a big gun
  147. Thrall Horde
  148. Tiamat!
  149. Toy Dino – A simple stegosaurus
  150. Trilobite model
  151. TROLL_Objet24 (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial) – Troll wearing a loincloth, with spiked gauntlets
  152. The Undead! (NEEDS SUPPORT) – Lich, vampire, and zombies
  153. Venetian Lion (No Support Needed)
  154. Volibear (Easy to Print and Assemble) (non-commercial) – Humanoid bear with armor
  155. Volumetric Tentacle
  156. Warden of Midgard (non-commercial) – Viking with shield and spear
  157. Wayfarer Random Alien #2: Silrax
  158. White Dragon (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  159. Where’s ma house?, said Sam the Slug – A slug with eyes and a mouth
  160. Zombie Girl (She makes a great stand-in if you’ve lost a female Zombicide walker) – Low-res female figure wearing a skirt

BarrelEnvironmental Objects (statues, trees, etc.)

  1. 1:24 Spiral Staircase Treads – A set of treads that, when locked together, forms a spiral staircase
  2. 1/4 Inch Scale Shipping Container Models for Architectural Concepts – Lots of frames, walls, and panels for shipping containers
  3. 4side-Pavilion
  4. 2″x1″ Simple Tabletop Bookshelf
  5. 25mm Treasure Marker v2 – A treasure chest surrounded by a bracelet and some coins, on a small circular platform
  6. 28mm temple ruins base – Base with a fallen column
  7. 8 Man Filler Unit – Ruins
  8. 3D asteroids for miniatures gaming
  9. 3D Printed Kryptonite – Crystals embedded in rock
  10. 3D-printed scale model of EUR pallet (made of wood-based filament)
  11. 3D Scan with SCENECT – Tutorial (NEEDS SUPPORT) – A modern winding staircase
  12. 55 Gallon Drum (1:10 Scale) RC Car Accessory (non-commercial)
  13. Accordion
  14. Albar Curcan – Statue holding a sword, standing in an alcove
  15. Alien Monument (non-commercial) – Crystal-shaped monument with alien runes carved in it
  16. Ancient Chinese fengshui statue – Qilin
  17. Angel Sculpture Scan
  18. Angel statue
  19. Anvil (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  20. Archangel Michael Digitized – A winged archangel
  21. Athena of Velletri – A bust of Athena, with a warrior’s helmet propped up on her head
  22. Barrel – Parametric
  23. Barrel of Fireworks
  24. Blood Pools of Khrone
  25. Buddha See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil – 3 statues
  26. Boat
  27. Boxer Statue
  28. Brazier with flame – Brazier with separate flame element
  29. Brick Walls; 15mm
  30. Cara Face Visage – Easter Island-style head
  31. Cat statue
  32. CatScan Knight – A knight riding a giant cat
  33. Celtic Cross
  34. Check – A statue of a winged woman holding her arms up
  35. Classic Cartoon Cannonball – A sphere with a fuse
  36. Coffin Jewelry or Candy Box – Hinged, lidded coffin
  37. Coffin with Removable Lid
  38. Column
  39. Column Kit – six centers
  40. Container 20 feet for HO model train
  41. Courtyard Fountain – multi-level fountain
  42. Crate prop
  43. Crates
  44. Crystal – A cluster of crystals
  45. CRYSTALZ (non-commercial) – Several clusters of crystals
  46. Customizable N Scale Fence (non-commercial)
  47. Customizable Stone Wall
  48. Customizable Turret 2.0 – Make it as tall as you want
  49. Customizable tree – Set parameters to create different leafless trees
  50. D&D Coffin
  51. Deep Space Network Beam-Waveguide Station – Satellite dish, multi-piece model
  52. Defense wall for wargaming – A metal barricade, typical of early 20th century defenses
  53. Doorway Attack – A doorway and section of wall
  54. Dumpster Diving (non-commercial) – A dumpster
  55. Eames Folding Screen Wood (FSW) 6 (non-commercial) – Can be used as a folding screen or as corrugated metal
  56. Electric Chair (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial) – A model of many separate pieces
  57. Eye of Providence – A pyramid with the Eye of Providence
  58. Fairie Offering Temple (non-commercial) – More of a small roofed structure
  59. Fence for Model Railroad
  60. Firework
  61. Flag – A small flag on a circular base
  62. Flyer Base; ruins – 90 mm x 120 mm (non-commercial)
  63. Fortress Wall Set – For use with Epic 40k – Spiked terrain, particularly for use with Warhammer 40K-stye gaming
  64. Fuel tank for HO model train
  65. Future Train
  66. Gargoyle Sculpture (Statue 3D Scan) (non-commercial) – Probably needs supports
  67. Gas Can (1:10 Scale) RC Car Accessory (non-commercial)
  68. Gothic Arch Shrine
  69. Gothic Stained Glass Window
  70. Grand Piano
  71. Grand piano and stool
  72. Grave Cross (Weathered)
  73. Grave Stone 003 (non-commercial)
  74. Gravestone
  75. Gravestone – Short
  76. Gravestone – Tall
  77. Guitar
  78. Gwynne’s Rock (non-commercial)
  79. Headless angel
  80. Hinged Mini Pelican Case (non-commercial) – briefcase
  81. Industrial Fixtures/ Doors/ Hatches for War Gaming Boards (non-commercial)
  82. Jack-o’-lantern
  83. Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins Stacked
  84. Johann-Strauss-Monument – A decorative arch with statues
  85. Jutting jabby stone outcrop (non-commercial)
  86. Krosmaster – Crate – A simple crate, more like a companion cube from Portal
  87. KSP Magnetic Building Blocks! v1.02 – Modular parts to make a Kerbal Space Program rocket with magnets, but also usable as rocket parts.
  88. Lantern
  89. lith (NEEDS SUPPORT) – A mobile fortress
  90. Makes Cauldron
  91. Medieval Barrels
  92. Model of Iron Gate
  93. Model railroad, brick arch bridge (non-commercial)
  94. Model railroad, set of bents (supports) for a custom trestle (non-commercial)
  95. Model railroad, simple bridge
  96. modular consturction columbs and walls
  97. Angel statue

    Angel statue

    Modular Obelisk

  98. Modular Shrine
  99. Modular Snap Blocks – Many pieces that can be combined to make futuristic buildings
  100. Modular Walls – Brick wall
  101. N Scale 1:160 tower mast (non-commercial)
  102. Nelson Platform Bench (non-commercial) – A simple bench
  103. Oil Storage Tank Model – A set of oil storage tanks
  104. Olmec Diorama – A giant Olmec head, with a woman in modern clothes standing next to it
  105. One Inch Weeping Angel
  106. OpenForge Prison Door – Metal door made of bars
  107. Pallet; etched – 50mm x 50mm (non-commercial)
  108. Pallet; metal hex mesh – 50 mm x 50 mm (non-commercial)
  109. Pallet with boxes
  110. Pile o’ Skulls
  111. Pile of Treasure – A pile of coins and a treasure chest
  112. Poison Phial – A small phial with a skull-and-crossbones on it
  113. Pot-o-Gold
  114. Potbelly Wood Stove
  115. Power Generator – For use with Epic 40k – SF-style cylindrical structure
  116. Radioactive Sample Box – A lidded cylinder with the radioactivity symbol on the lid
  117. Realistic Pig (non-commercial)
  118. Rocket + Smoke Trail – A small, fireworks-style rocket being launched, with a smoke trail behind it
  119. Sabre Platform with Autocannons
  120. Savage Watchtower
  121. Scalloped Column by Chris K Palmer v0.1 (non-commercial)
  122. Scifi Alien Crystal
  123. SciFi Chair
  124. SciFi Control Room
  125. Scroll
  126. Sculpture Resselpark Wien – A woman crouching protectively over a child, both nude
  127. Seej Battle Flag, Charnel – A flat planted among several skulls
  128. Seej Column, Burtonwood
  129. Seej Column, Fluted
  130. Sesame Street Sign – More importantly, a lamp post
  131. Shabti
  132. Shipping Pallet (1:10 Scale) RC Car Accessory (non-commercial)
  133. Simple Ladder
  134. Single Tombstone
  135. Skull & Crossbones – Two crossed bones with a skull on top
  136. Skull Tower (non-commercial) – A pillar of skulls
  137. Small house / shelter
  138. Spiral stair
  139. Soccer Ball
  140. The Solitude of the Soul
  141. Some tree models – Leafless trees, very spooky
  142. stargate – Also works nicely as a spell circle
  143. Statue
  144. statue of liberty
  145. Steel Door – A small door with crossbars, on a small oval base, about 1″ wide
  146. Stela from Late Classic Maya, at the Art Institute of Chicago – A large stone carving
  147. Stone Sarcophagus – A coffin with a figure laying on top
  148. Stone Well – Miniature Terrain
  149. Sword in the Stone
  150. Teleporter Pad
  151. A Terra Cotta Warrior
  152. Thai Mythical Statue
  153. Tiny TNT – A small crate embossed with “TNT” on four sides
  154. Tileable Brick Wall
  155. Torii (NEEDS SUPPORT) – Japanese gate
  156. Totem Pole 1
  157. tow mater junkyard : kit accessories – tires, an oil can, and a rickety wooden bridge
  158. Train Crossing
  159. Tree dual-extrusion option – Lopsided, bush-style tree
  160. Tresure chest
  161. Trophy
  162. Truss Bridge Kit
  163. Twilight Zone door – A high-detail wooden door
  164. Upright piano and stool
  165. Vase with Faces – Looks like a fountain basin to me
  166. Viking Ship
  167. Vuvzela
  168. Wall made of Stones 1
  169. Wall made of Stone #2
  170. Wargame terrain: Antenna – objective marker
  171. Window and Columns
  172. Window and Door in 1:24 scale
  173. Witch Hat
  174. wishing well alone no bucket (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  175. Wizards Table – A low table covered with books, two flasks, a wand, and a frog
  176. Wood Door
  177. Yet Another Cargo Container (non-commercial)
  178. Yoga Elephant – An elephant standing on its head, in the shape of a column


  1. A germany tank – Misspelling in the original title
  2. Modular Snap-Fit Airship (non-commercial)
  3. Modular Snap-Fit Airship Trireme Upgrade (non-commercial)
  4. Ambulance Army (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  5. Anvil Aerospace F7C-M (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial) – A starship
  6. Battle Ship – And it floats! Which presumably means it’s hollow.
  7. Blade Runner Police Spinner (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  8. British WW1 Mach Tank (NEEDS SUPPORT) – Includes quite a few pieces
  9. Cybran T2 Rhino tank
  10. Drake Interplanetary Cutlass (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial) – A starship
  11. F1 Model
  12. Gunstar (The Last Starfighter)
  13. HMS Thunderchild – A turn-of-the-century era battleship
  14. House Vermeni Monomech, 28mm Miniature (non-commercial)
  15. Hovercart
  16. Interstellar Imperial Army – Cockatrice – A Warhammer 40K-style miniature
  17. Interstellar Imperial Army – Homunculus Troop Transport – A Warhammer 40K-style miniature
  18. Interstellar Imperial Army – MRAP troop transport
  19. Interstellar Imperial Army – Sphinx Missile Launcher
  20. Interstellar Imperial Army – Valkyrja – Aircraft
  21. Interstellar Ranger Descension Vessel
  22. Interstellar Space Jarhead – Assault Penetrator – Fighter ship
  23. Interstellar Space Jarhead – Biker Enthusiast – Armored motorcycle with sidecar
  24. Interstellar Space Jarhead – Buggy Conversion – Armored dune buggy
  25. Interstellar Space Jarhead – Ground Plunderer – Heavy tank
  26. Interstellar Space Jarhead – LightningWater Cannon – Armored cannon with treads
  27. Interstellar Space Jarhead – Speedy Land Griefer
  28. Lifeboats of the RMS Titanic
  29. LightBringer Class 2 Commercial Research Vessel
  30. Magnum AHT (NEEDS SUPPORT ) – A starship fighter based on a design from the video game Descent
  31. MISC Freelancer (NEEDS SUPPORT) – A starship
  32. MOB-T – Turreted tank with plow
  33. Panzer 2 tank model (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  34. Panzer VIII MAUS (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial) – A tank
  35. Rhino Like Transport
  36. MGS – Mobile Gun System
  37. Modular Snap-Fit Saturn V (non-commercial)
  38. OpenForge rowboats – Three styles of rowboats, with separate sails and oars
  39. OpenForge dinghys
  40. Printable T-80 (non-commercial) – A tank designed to print without support
  41. Rocket Retro 055 (non-commercial)
  42. Space Orrk – Looted Wakka – A Warhammer 40K-style miniature of a 4-legged walker
  43. Space Orrk – Orrkling Mini-Tank – A Warhammer 40K-style miniature of a tank
  44. Space Ship “Dohoora” for the Heavy MetalGods Mecha Role Playing Game (non-commercial) – A tanker
  45. Space Shuttle remix MKII – smaller, wider
  46. Spiral Zone Monocycle/Monoseed
  47. Spaceship 1 – Not unlike the Z-95 Headhunter from Star Wars.
  48. Spaceship Soluco Escape Pod (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  49. SSN688 Los Angeles Class Submarine (non-commercial)
  50. Tank – A very simple tank model
  51. Tank KV-2 (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  52. tank – A detailed tank model
  53. Tank Stug scale 28 mm (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  54. Tank T34 Rudy scale 28 mm (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  55. Thunder Lightning – A space ship
  56. Truck
  57. UFO (NEEDS SUPPORT) – Circular ship design

Extras: Modular Terrain

  1. 40mm Space Ship Bases
  2. Customizable Dungeon Terrain
  3. Dungeon Tiles for Miniatures Gaming (non-commercial)
  4. Improved Dungeon Parts – Interlocking walls and floors. An improved version of Modular Dungeon Walls with easier-to-print files
  5. Medieval Castle – Three sections of wall and tower that can be printed and assembled into simple castle shapes
  6. OpenForge
    1. Crenelated
      1. Crenelated Corner – Crenelated corner on top of floors, rough style
      2. Crenelated Corridor – Crenelations on opposite sides on top of floors, rough style
      3. Crenelated Diagonal Wall – Crenelations at 45 degrees on top of floors, rough style
      4. Crenelated Wall – Crenelations on top of floors, rough style
      5. Edge Crenelated Corner – Crenelated corner next to floors, rough style
      6. Edge Crenelated Corridor – Crenelations on opposite sides next to floors, rough style
      7. Edge Crenelated Wall – Crenelations next to floors, rough style
    2. Rough Stone
      1. Arrow Slit Stone Walls – Straight walls on top of floors, with arrow slits in the walls, rough style
      2. OpenForge Lion Wall – 2×2 with lion face in the wall
      3. OpenForge Stone Torch Wall – 2×2 with torch (you can even remove the torch!)
      4. Stone Dungeon Corner – Corner walls on top of floors, rough style
      5. Stone Dungeon Corridor – Corridors on top of floors (walls on opposite sides of floor), rough style
      6. Stone Dungeon Curved Wall – Curved walls on top of floors, rough style
      7. Stone Dungeon Diagonal Walls – Walls at 45 degrees on top of floors, rough style
      8. Stone Dungeon Edge Corner – Corner walls next to floors, rough style
      9. Stone Dungeon Edge Corridor – Corridors next to floors (walls on opposite sides of floor), rough style
      10. Stone Dungeon Edge Walls – Straight walls on top of floors, rough style
      11. Stone Dungeon Floor with Arched Doorway – The arched doorway, applied to a 2×2 section of rough style floor tiles
      12. Stone Dungeon Tiles – Floor tiles, rough style
      13. Stone Dungeon Walls – Straight walls on top of floors, rough style
      14. Trap Door in Stone Floor – 1×1, 2×2, and 3×3 with trap door
    3. Ruins
      1. Curved Ruined Wall Tile – 2×2 cracked floor tiles with ruined curved walls
      2. Ruined Corner Tile – 2×2 cracked floor tiles with ruined corner walls
      3. Ruined Diagonal Tile – 2×2 tiles with ruined walls and cracked floors
      4. Ruined Floor Tile – Rough-style floor tiles with cracks
      5. Ruined Wall Tile – 2×2 cracked floor tiles with ruined walls on one side
    4. Smooth Stone
      1. OpenForge Smooth Torch Wall – 2×2 with torch (you can even remove the torch!)
      2. Smooth Archway – Archway next to or on top of 2×2 section of floor, smooth style
      3. Smooth Corner Tile – Corner walls on top of floors, smooth style
      4. Smooth Corridor Tile – Corridors on top of floors (walls on opposite sides of floor), smooth style
      5. Smooth Curved Tile – Curved walls on top of floors, smooth style
      6. Smooth Dead End Tile – Dead ends on top of floors (walls on three sides of floor), smooth style
      7. Smooth Diagonal Tile – Walls at 45 degrees on top of floors, smooth style
      8. Smooth Edge Corner Tile – Corner walls next to floors, smooth style
      9. Smooth Edge Corridor – Corridors next to floors (walls on opposite sides of floor), smooth style
      10. Smooth Edge Curved Tile – Curved walls next to floors, smooth style
      11. Smooth Edge Dead End Tiles – Dead ends next to floors (walls on three sides of floor), smooth style
      12. Smooth Edge Diagonal Tile – Walls at 45 degrees next to floors, smooth style
      13. Smooth Edge Wall Tile – Straight walls next to floors, smooth style
      14. Smooth Floor Tile – Floor tiles, smooth style
      15. Smooth Wall Tile – Straight walls on top of floors, smooth style
    5. Tudor Style
      1. Edge Tudor Wall – Wood-and-plaster walls next to wood floors
      2. Tudor Wall Tile – Wood-and-plaster walls on top of wood floors
      3. Wood Floor Tile – Wood floors
    6. Miscellaneous
      1. Cell Wall
      2. Edge Buffer – Small, smooth floor pieces to fill the gaps between edge walls
      3. Low Wall Pool Tiles
      4. Magic Circle Tiles
      5. OpenForge 2×4 stairway leading down
      6. OpenForge bedroom furniture – Contains beds and dressers
      7. OpenForge Fieldstone Doorway
      8. OpenForge Ruined Floor 2×2 with Connector
      9. OpenForge Smooth (& Edge) Rectangle Doorway
      10. OpenForge Temple/church set – Contains altars, plinths, daises, pews, and monuments
      11. OpenForge Wizard’s lab set – Contains altars, bookcases, books, and vials
      12. Pillar
      13. Skull Crossing Diorama Tile
      14. Smooth Multifloor Frames – Flat frames for supporting multi-level dungeon walls
      15. Stone and Concrete Pool
  7. Ultimate Parametric Base Generator – Generates square, hex, round, and other shaped bases at any diameter from 15mm to 250 mm, thickness 1mm to 25mm, with or without slots/stands, with the ability to upload an arbitrary texture file and apply it to the surface
  8. Wargaming bases: 30mm hex bases (non-commercial)
  9. Wargaming bases – desert dirt pattern (non-commercial)
  10. Wargaming Squad Base

Extras: Maps

  1. Ayers Rock (Uluru) – A low-poly model of Ayers Rock
  2. Castle in the mountains
  3. Chattanooga Tennessee – Hills and valley around Chattanooga
  4. Delicate Arch – A model of Delicate Arch in Arches National Park
  5. Harrisburg PA – Striated swaths of land
  6. Huge Yosemite Model – Yosemite Valley, cut into 22 square pieces. You can easily find a piece that represents interesting topography for your game.
  7. Italy Map
  8. Jeju Volcanic Island (UNESCO World Heritage Site) (non-commercial)
  9. La Pedriza – Mountain range
  10. Maiden’s Tower (Bosphorus)
  11. Mayotte island
  12. Mexico y El Norte
  13. Perito Moreno Glacier – Argentina
  14. Sacre Coeur Piece for Cathedral Game
  15. “The Shiprock” Shiprock, NM (Tse’ bit’a’i) – A volcanic plug
  16. Terrain Model of Binghamton, NY
  17. Valles de Ordesa Pineta y Añisclo (Aragón – España) – A very rocky area

Extras: Buildings and Complexes

  1. 15mm scale Large Desert House
  2. 234234 – A Wild West-style bank
  3. Ares 3 Hab – A domed habitat
  4. Beijing Courtyard Keepbox – A small building typical of an Asian courtyard
  5. Belém Tower – An awesome castle
  6. Burj Khalifa – The tallest building in the world
  7. cabin in the woods
  8. Cabin Rotated and Smaller – A wood cabin with a deck
  9. Casa de las ciencias (science house) A Coruña Spai
  10. castal – Simple, block castle
  11. castle netfabb
  12. Crafts house
  13. Dacre Banks Station main building at “00” guage
  14. Dacre Station LHS in “00” Gauge
  15. Dacre Station RHS Pre 1900
  16. Disney Tangled Tower – A tall tower similar to the one featured in the Disney movie Tangled
  17. East Coast House money box
  18. Famous Paris buildings
  19. Four Point Citadel – Strange design with four horn-like towers
  20. Gaming Tabletop Fortress – A castle, roughly in the style of Voltron‘s Castle of Lions
  21. Garden house
  22. Gazebo
  23. God Kathoghike Church
  24. Greece temple
  25. Holden Observatory — 3D Scanning a Full Size Building!
  26. House & Cabin Models/Ornaments
  27. Houses of Parliament
  28. Ionic Ruins
  29. Jade Peak Pagoda
  30. Kansas University
  31. Keep (non-commercial) – A building with an attached tower, on rocks
  32. Kievopecherskaya Lavra (belltower) (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  33. Mars Base (NEEDS SUPPORT) – A round base, not unlike a flying saucer
  34. Mars Settlement printed on site
  35. Masjid Zayed – Aqaba
  36. Mayan Pyramids
  37. Modular Overpass – Lots of pieces that can be combined in pieces
  38. Miniature Model of Carnegie Mellon’s Hamerschlag Hall
  39. miniature version of a real existing house (non-commercial)
  40. My Scan 10 – A thatched cottage
  41. n gauge train signal box trial – A narrow, two-story brick building
  42. Nuclear Reactor Extreme Detail Version (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  43. Old State House Boston
  44. Outhouse
  45. Pavilion
  46. Pigsty and Latrines
  47. Rook – Also works nicely as a castle-style tower
  48. Rudere – Ruin Taranto, Italy
  49. Ruins of Machu Picchu – Temple of the Sun
  50. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage
  51. Solid Big Ben
  52. Spanish BLND Organisation’s headquarters
  53. St. Astvacacin Church
  54. St Pancras N Scale Train Station – Huge, multi-part model
  55. Stazione di Brewster – Modern brick house
  56. Swedish Farm House
  57. Taj Mahal
  58. Temple of Vesta (non-commercial) – Cylindrical building
  59. Tower – A squat, SF-ish tower
  60. Turm des Hasses – A tower
  61. Two-Story Spec House – Modern house with columns out front

Extras: Props

  1. 7,62 bullet – A Mauser 7,63 rifle bullet, according to the description
  2. an open hand (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial) – A female hand with long fingernails, holding her hand out as if to grasp something
  3. Celtic Cross V1 – A Celtic-style cross, nice and deep
  4. Chip – A chipped tea cup
  5. Club
  6. Cryptex for a geocache – A cylindrical container surrounded by rings with runes in them. You have to align all the rings to open the container.
  7. Diamond
  8. The Diamond
  9. Dog Skull – Exactly what it says. The teeth aren’t visible.
  10. fairy box – A lidded cup adorned with dragonflies
  11. Fallout Stimpack – A needle similar in style to the stimpack from the Fallout games
  12. Flail (non-commercial)
  13. Flower Box – A sphere that opens like petals. Quite a few pieces, and it requires some metal screws.
  14. Foot_Right BodyParts 3D – A skeletal foot
  15. Hand_Right BodyParts3D – A skeletal hand
  16. The Holy Grail – A cup held by a claw
  17. Human Brain, Full Scale
  18. Humerus_RIght BodyParts3D – A bone
  19. Illusionist Locket – A mechanical locket based on the one seen in the film The Illusionist
  20. Keychain of d20 and Cthulhu – A medallion with a stylized d20 on one side and Cthulhu on the other
  21. Knife
  22. master sword hilt – The hilt of a fantasy sword
  23. Mastodon Tooth
  24. mini stand – A small stand for your miniatures
  25. Night Night Gun or ICER from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (NEEDS SUPPORT)
  26. The NIH 3D Print Exchange website has hundreds of bones, molecules, a brain, etc.
  27. Pendants – Hexagonal pendants, one for each letter of the English alphabet
  28. pendent – A bulbous pendant
  29. Poison Flask with removable stopper
  30. Prop dagger
  31. Prop Key
  32. rose cup v2 – An ornate cup with a rose motif
  33. Simple Goblet
  34. Skull
  35. Skull Wine Glass – A wine glass with the goblet in the shape of a skull
  36. Smiling Skull (NEEDS SUPPORT, non-commercial)
  37. The Star of Astaroth – A star-in-a-circle from Bedknobs & Broomsticks
  38. Tooth jaw! – A jaw with teeth, and a detail of three teeth
  39. Volumetric Flask
  40. Walt’s Original Plan for EPCOT (Center Hub) – The original hub of buildings for EPCOT, when it was planned as a working community
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The Dungeon Delvers card contest

Dungeon DelversA few months ago, I published Dungeon Delvers, a retroclone that simplifies classic D&D down to just ability scores and a single d6 roll.

The system is so straightforward, in fact, that I’ve put it onto a deck of cards. There’s a card for each class, each condition (stunned, immobilized, constitution drain, etc.), and spell. There are even cards to track how many hits you’ve taken, cards to replicate a d6 roll, and the rules are on cards, too.

I’ve released the deck as a complete deck of cards (USD $15) and as a print-and-play PDF (pay what you want).

To celebrate, I’m running a contest. For every 10 sales I make of the physical cards (or of the PDF at $5 or more) by midnight this Friday, 17 January 2014, I’ll make 5 monster cards, and add them to the deck.

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A generic RPG system based on ability scores

This is a simple RPG system based on the classic D&D ability scores.

The Basics

To resolve a difficult action, roll 2d6 and add the relevant ability score modifier.

Roll Result
2 or less Disastrous failure
3-5 Regular failure
6-8 Failure with a benefit
9-11 Regular success
12 or more Spectacular success

To determine an initial ability score, roll 3d6.

Ability score modifiers:

Score Modifier
2-3 -4
4-5 -3
6-7 -2
8-9 -1
10-11 0
12-13 +1
14-15 +2
16-17 +3
18-19 +4

Attacks normally deal 1d6 damage and lower the appropriate Health score. Health is restored at a rate of 1d3 points per day.

The GM can add +1 or -1 depending on the situation.

Each hero also has one catchphrase, which can be used once per session for +2 on a roll.

At the end of a story, the GM may reward each player with up to 2 points to add to ability scores.

Heroic Fantasy

Ability scores:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Constitution
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma
  • Health


Ability scores:

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Agility
  • Fighting
  • Intelligence
  • Awareness
  • Presence
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health


Ability scores:

  • Strength
  • Awareness
  • Lore
  • Physical Constitution
  • Mental Constitution
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

Science Fiction

Ability scores:

  • Body (Strength)
  • Body (Agility)
  • Knowledge (Technical)
  • Knowledge (Galaxy)
  • Awareness
  • Charisma
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

Optional Rules


Add another ability score: Magic.

To cast a spell, you must first spend 2 points for a trivial spell (brief light, temporarily vanish an object, throw your voice), 4 points for a basic spell (equivalent to what another person could do with skill and equipment, like a fireball that’s equivalent to a flaming arrow), or 6 points for a major spell (crumbling a wall).

After spending, re-calculate your Magic modifier, then roll 2d6 and add your new Magic modifier. Use the normal resolution rules.

Magic points recharge 1d3 points per day.


Add a Healing ability score. Once per day, you can roll and add your Healing modifier. You heal one-fourth the roll’s value in Health (rounded down, minimum 1) on an ally or yourself (no success or failure).


This game was written by Brent P. Newhall, inspired by core rules written by Brian Takle.

Download a clean PDF of this game at DriveThruRPG.

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An indie tabletop RPG maker’s finances for 2013

In the spirit of openness, here are my sales for 2013. I hope this will be useful to others who are interested in selling tabletop games.

I sell nearly all my games and products on DriveThruRPG. I take a scattershot approach: I make many different games and books, then sell them and see how they do.

Nearly all my releases are PDF. For the last few months of 2013, I started including eReader formats (.mobi, .epub, and .azw3) in my releases as well.

This year’s successes were clear:


Note that all the numbers I use here are actual revenue, after commissions and fees.

Those trends might be more obvious with a line chart of sales throughout the year:


The Old School Renaissance Handbook (which describes over a dozen old-school-style tabletop RPGs) clearly spanked all my other products, making literally an order of magnitude more money than any of the other products. Heck, it made twice as much money as all my other products combined. Interestingly, this is the only non-fiction product I’ve published.

My next most popular product is Dungeon Delvers, an OSR system, followed by DROP, a simple science fiction storytelling game. Dungeon Delvers was initially released to my patrons on Patreon, then released to the general public.

Note: I have not included Patreon revenue in any of these reports, partly because I forgot, partly because of the irregularity of its payments, and partly because Patreon automatically deducts outgoing pledges from incoming ones. I’ve only made a total of $20.01 through Patreon so far, so its impact is negligible. I’ll do better about counting that in future.

Mystery of the Shattered World is a setting book that I plan to release in 2014. I’ve been paying for art and editing work this year, which explains its deficit. I hope to make enough to offset its $170 cost.

Bounty Hunter Blues is a Fiasco playset, and Ability Score is a one-page, genre-agnostic system I released for fun in December. All the other products shown above were published in prior years, which explains their negligible sales.

This was also the year that I opened a business checking account and changed all my accounts to deposit directly there. So now, all my RPG finances are handled separately from my personal money. That is a big relief.

There’s a bigger question to be answered, though: how well am I doing? This is the most important chart of the year, showing sales as a cumulative line over the year. Every sale bumped the line up, and every expense pushed the line down.


You always want that line to move upwards over time. It looked scary in the first half of the year, then I released another edition of the OSR Handbook and got a nice jump in sales. Further expenses for Mystery of the Shattered World pushed it back down, but the releases of DROP and Dungeon Delvers pushed the line back up.

So, what have I learned from this?

  1. I’m very lucky to be making money from my games.
  2. Old school sells. I’ll work on another OSR product for 2014, and a third edition of the OSR Handbook.
  3. Non-fiction sells. People pay for analysis more than systems. I think the market’s saturated with systems anyway.
  4. I’m doing fine. I should push more money back into art and other such things for future products.
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Random Idea: Adil Giray

This is part of a series of RPG characters, creatures, items, adventure ideas, and locations inspired by random entries from Wikipedia. The material I create may grow distant from its roots.

Today we have Adil Giray, the khan of the Crimean Khanate in the 1600’s and a big supporter of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, an early forerunner of modern checks-and-balances governments. He was deposed when he took the Hapsburg‘s side during the Great Turkish War, and was successfully invaded by the Turks.

Giray merits a pathetically small Wikipedia entry as of this writing, with only 3 sentences to tell his tale. As with many things in life, one must dig deeper, into the story of the Commonwealth and the Great Turkish War.

There’s plenty of drama in the events surrounding Giray. The Commonwealth united two European countries into a single, powerful state that included a legislature that could check the power of the Polish king. Its Wikipedia article claims that the Commonwealth featured high levels of ethnic diversity, relative religious tolerance, and decades of economic prosperity.

Then a rebellion in the Ukraine exploded throughout the Ottoman Empire into the Great Turkish War. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth allied with the Holy Roman Empire (headed by Habsburg Austria), the Venetian Republic in 1684, and later, Russia. Unfortunately, Poland took a bad beating during the war, which led to Adil Giray’s removal from power.

Let’s make this into a fantasy scenario.


Adil Giray (Rillan by Peter Seckler)

Adil Giray (Rillan by Peter Seckler)

The Commonwealth faces dark days. The Empire advances, and the Commonwealth’s allies in the Holy League are ill-prepared for a continent-wide war.

Worse, the cliffs and tall city walls of neighboring Vanna repulsed the Empire’s forces. After two humiliating defeats within Vanna, the Empire’s forces have turned towards the Commonwealth.

Adil Giray rules the Commonwealth with foresight and subtlety. He is far removed from his bloodthirsty ancestors who conquered this country two centuries ago. He is no warrior on the field, but few navigate the courts of the land with more cleverness.

Unfortunately, cleverness only goes so far against the sword. The Commonwealth is fat, prosperous, and ripe for conquest. Its army, while well-trained, remains small due to disastrous agreements with other countries in the Holy League.

Adil desperately seeks information about the invading army, both standard strategic information and blackmail material on the Imperial General, Kara Mustafa. Is there anything that an enterprising adventurer could find about Mustafa that could be used against him, to turn the tide of the army? During these dark days, a few simple actions can keep a ruler on the throne, a ruler who will be grateful….

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Random Idea: Bloom County

This is part of a series of RPG characters, creatures, items, adventure ideas, and locations inspired by random entries from Wikipedia. The material I create may grow distant from its roots.

Today we have Bloom County, the 1980’s comic strip by Berkeley Breathed. Bloom County gained fame by lampooning politics, elections, and controversial celebrities like Donald Trump.

How can we look at this from a fantasy angle? Well, dissidents have been drawing political illustrations for a very long time.


Berk is in trouble. He’s been distributing leaflets that feature his own drawings of the local mayor, Donald the Elder, along with political screeds about Donald’s bragging and womanizing. The leaflets grew so popular that Donald sent goons to threaten Berk with a pounding if he doesn’t stop drawing.

More importantly, the town will hold its annual election in two weeks. While the elections are usually a formality, Berk’s drawings have grown so popular that people are beginning to think it’s time for a new mayor. But who would be a better mayor? And who can keep Beck safe long enough to swing the voters’ opinions?

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Random Idea: The News & Record Newspaper

This is part of a series of RPG characters, creatures, items, adventure ideas, and locations inspired by random entries from Wikipedia. The material I create may grow distant from its roots.

Today we have the News & Record, a North Carolina newspaper. It consolidated several papers during the 20th century, and has since followed the common trend of shrinkage and layoffs. Berkshire Hathaway bought it earlier this year.

Instead of setting this up as a plot hook itself, let’s re-skin the News & Record as a background setting for a modern investigation game. Whether you’re paranormal investigators, private detectives, or just normal reporters who get involved in Something Big, this could be an excellent employer.


'newspaper clippings shelftop (detail)' by carmichaellibrary on Flickr (CC-BY)

‘newspaper clippings shelftop (detail)’ by carmichaellibrary on Flickr (CC-BY)

Everybody in town knows the News & Record. Operating under one name or another for over a hundred years, the News & Record boasts a relatively large staff of nearly 200 employees, with an editorial staff of about 25 reporters, journalists, columnists, and editors.

Jack Gunner epitomizes the stereotype of newspaper editor. Sleep-deprived, coffee-fueled, manic, and obsessive about the English language, Jack once held up the special edition for 45 minutes arguing with a writer about the placement of a hyphen. He insists on the highest standards of both English language use and reporting, insisting on dozens of rewrites. He more or less lives in his office, which is crammed full of stacks of paper. He claims to have a wife and children, but nobody’s ever seen them.

His manic drive is partly caused by his boss, Pepper Paul. Pepper’s family took over the paper over fifty years ago, and she’s determined to keep it running despite competition from an internet she doesn’t understand. She attends at least a hundred local social events every year, ensuring that the News & Record gets at least some mention during the event. Her constant wining-and-dining of local businesses and philanthropists unquestionably kept the paper alive for the past 20 years. In her late 50’s and always dressed in flamboyant yet tasteful clothing, her nickname “The Battleship” is well-earned.

Rounding out this triumvirate is Alan Jones, head of Editorial. An outwardly laid-back ex-hippie with a pony tail, he chooses columnists and letters-to-the-editor. He’s grown infamous for choosing radicals. Some days, the editorial pages crackle with dissent and argument. The Sunday editorials are legendary for their nearly libellous columns. He delights in this. Pepper appreciates the publicity but rues the constant need to smooth ruffled feathers, while Jack finds editorializing in general vaguely villainous.

These are the powers-that-be at a newspaper begging for talent. Jack would love another investigative reporter or two, and while he’ll veto unorthodox practices, Pepper would likely approve them. Meanwhile, Alan gets the paper in hot water all the time, and anyone who can investigate his writers’ claims–or even write one or two–would earn his appreciation.

And if nothing else, if a group of unusual characters gets into trouble or accomplishes something unusual, a reporter from the News & Record is bound to start snooping around.

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Random Idea: Double Escrow

This is part of a series of RPG characters, creatures, items, adventure ideas, and locations inspired by random entries from Wikipedia. The material I create may grow distant from its roots.

Today we have double escrow, a real estate transaction. The wikipedia article is so thin we need to do a little more investigation.

According to this article, when a property is sold, there’s normally one escrow, and it’s between the buyer and the seller. But let’s say the buyer plans to flip the house or otherwise sell it after some minor work. Let’s further say that the buyer finds someone interested in this property before it’s even sold. In that case, they’d set up a “double escrow” involving two sales: one to the intermediary buyer, and another immediately thereafter, literally on the same day, to the final buyer.

The wikipedia article includes some intriguingly sketchy statements, such as “Double escrows are totally legal[citation needed]” and “Many title firms in escrow states refuse to close double escrows, complaining about covert dealings and corrupt appraisals and loans.[citation needed]“. Sounds like a Fiasco.

(Thanks to Brian Liberge for help with this concept.)


'Mafias del Mundo: Ndrangheta' by Eneas de Troya on Flickr

‘Mafias del Mundo: Ndrangheta’ by Eneas de Troya on Flickr (CC-BY)

“Sal, shut up and listen. Vinnie’s got us in deep shit again.

“He says he found a property. A ‘nice little out of the way place,’ ‘just needs a little work,’ he says. It’s a shit-hole, Sal. It’s a god-damned wreck on the end of a dingy little road, with a cement swimming pool that’s god-damned empty, Sal. It’s got a god-damned crack in it the size of the San Andreas.

“But here’s the kicker, Sal, the big ol’ Vinnie-sized kicker. He’s already sold it, he says. And to who? To Millie May fucking Hopkins, Sal. Yeah, “Military Grade” Millie May. The boss’s fucking aunt. He says she’ll love it.

“No, no, Sal. He put a double escrow on it. I know, I know, somehow he managed it. Or somebody told him. They’re closing in a week, Sal. God himself couldn’t fix up this place in a week, Sal. We….

“Sal. No, Sal. We can’t do that, Sal. We can’t walk up to Millie May Hopkins and tell her to shut her whore mouth. We….

“She what? You know she did? You’re absolutely sure about that, Sal? Well, yeah, if that’s true, we could threaten to…but Sal, who’s going to do it?


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Random Idea: Okada, the Hunted

This is part of a series of RPG characters, creatures, items, adventure ideas, and locations inspired by random entries from Wikipedia. The material I create may grow distant from its roots.

Today we have Richard Okada, a Princeton professor and expert on Japanese literature and culture. He appeared to live a quiet, academic life.

Let’s dig a little deeper into his situation. He lived in America, but loved Japanese culture, writing a doctoral thesis described as “one of the most important contributions to the study of classical Japanese narrative to have emerged in the last twenty years.” I don’t know if he was born in Japan, but let’s say he was, to add to the drama of a Japanese man living in America, loving it from afar. Let’s make him into an exile, on the run.

Even better, he died “of natural causes” in New Jersey. Suuuuure he did.


Terrible Character Portrait - Cyberpunk 3, by Jeff Preston (CC-BY-3.0)

Terrible Character Portrait – Cyberpunk 3, by Jeff Preston (CC-BY-3.0)

Okada is a well-respected scholar. Loved by his students, respected by his peers, he nevertheless has become more nervous lately. He needs help.

Okada translates ancient literature, and he’s stumbled upon something of great importance. An ancient manuscript points to the location of a lost treasure city, and he’s been visited twice by very large men in business suits.

Okada needs someone to protect him, and if possible, find the city before the bad guys do. There are actually several rival factions looking for the city.

Worse, Okada has an adventurous daughter in her late teens. You must find her before the bad guys do, and keep her safe while searching for the treasure.


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